The Dutch mayor wants to keep out Belgian tourists: “It …


Frank Petter, the mayor of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands, asks for more options to keep Belgians out of Brabant territory. The 63-year-old mayor wants to stop the spread of the corona virus. “At the moment we do not have the option to return Belgians to the border,” he says in the regional BN DeStem. “I plead for making that possible.”

Just like with us, the number of infections is increasing again in the Netherlands. Bergen op Zoom, a border municipality in North Brabant, wants to prevent the spread and therefore asks to comply with the existing measures. “We are asking shops and the catering industry to monitor compliance more closely with the known rules,” says Petter in Dutch BN DeStem. “If we comply with the rules, we hope to be able to turn the tide.”

The mayor is also concerned about the number of Belgians crossing the border. “We have to try to stay where we are, because the virus is traveling with us. If Belgians come here for their work: no problem. Do you want to come to the Netherlands purely for fun? Then don’t do it anyway. ” But for the moment it only remains a call. “We can ask people at the border to return, but we cannot forbid them to continue driving. We do not have the correct legislation. I therefore ask for measures to be taken that make it possible to ban non-essential traffic from Belgium. ” Petter is already examining whether it is legally possible to exclude Belgians from the Bergse catering industry.


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