The Duma murder case: Will Ben-Oliel be acquitted?


The district court will decide whether the new evidence will win the main defendant Amiram Ben-Oliel in the murder case in the Duma that shocked the state | Advocate Asher Ohayon: “If indeed the child experiences what he described in very detail, very vivid, very real, From the acquittal of Amiram Ben-Oliel and that is what we expect “

In the Central District Court in Lod, a summary hearing was held today (Thursday) in the examination procedure of the new evidence in the Duma trial. At the hearing, Adv. Asher Ohayon, who is representing Amiram Ben-Oliel, asked the panel of judges to acquit him in light of the new evidence submitted in the case – the testimony of Ben Ahmad, which contradicts the verdict in which Ben-Oliel was convicted. From the testimony submitted.

The evidence is the testimony of Ahmad Dwabsha, who was seriously injured in the arson, and who was recently revealed to have seen the incident and even remembers it in detail. Ahmed says in interviews with Arabic-language media, which were submitted to the court with the consent of the parties, that there were several lighters involved in the incident – more than three, who even entered the family home and confronted them. On its basis, Ben-Oliel was convicted of murder, according to which there was only one lighter in the arena and he did not enter the family home at all.

The testimony of Ahmed, joins another testimony, of a relative of Ibrahim Dwabsha, who arrived at the family home after hearing shouts and testifying that he saw several lighters near the door of the house. At the hearing, Adv. Ohayon claimed that Ibrahim’s testimony was significantly strengthened by Ahmad’s new testimony.

It will be recalled that the court had already convicted Ben-Oliel in the case, but after the verdict, his lawyer filed a motion to set aside the conviction, following the new evidence.

Following this, Adv. Ohayon submitted to the court a request to summon Ahmad to testify and acquit Ben-Oliel of the murder on the basis of it. Unusually, the judges accepted the request and initiated a very unusual procedure of hearing evidence after the verdict, and in fact reopened the trial.

Ahmed and his grandfather Hussein Dawabsha were summoned to court to testify.

Today, as stated, after the testimonies were submitted, the parties summarized their positions before the panel of judges. Ben-Oliel’s defense attorney asked for his acquittal, while the prosecution explained that Ahmad’s testimony could not be trusted for a number of reasons, including in light of his young age. The judges scheduled another month for a hearing in which they will publish the decision in the exceptional procedure.

Advocate Asher Ohayon, representing Amiram Ben-Oliel, said after the hearing: In this very version, there is a potential for credit ”

“After we went through it,” says Ohayon, “we reached the second stage today, and we showed that this version is a very reliable version, it is a version that there is no reason to worry that the child is witnessing things he did not experience, but vice versa. He described in very detail, very vividly, very real, there is no escape from the acquittal of Amiram Ben-Oliel and we expect that. ”


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