the cutest battle royal ever made is now available!


The Battle Royal game Fortnite has a major competitor today in the form of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a crazy new Battle Royal online multiplayer game in which 60 players have to compete in a series of chaotic mini-games until one winner remains. The game from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital is available today on the PlayStation 4 and PC and is so popular right away that the servers of the game have already gone completely KO on launch day because really EVERYONE wants to play it!

OMG! Tell me more!

In Fall Guys, players control a colorful and clumsy doll (called a Fall Guy) with which they compete against 59 other online players for the crown. This is done through all kinds of mini-games (from hilarious obstacle course to ramming through doors) in which all participants try to hit through all levels with a lot of tripping, falling and standing up until one player ultimately remains as the winner. In some levels you will have to compete for yourself, at other times you will have to team up to make it to the next round.

And did we mention that PlayStation Plus subscribers can simply download the game for free this month? Log in quickly and start playing!


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