The crisis worsens: The weekly cabinet meeting is not expected to take place tomorrow


In blue and white, they refuse to approve raising the issue on the agenda, and party officials have expressed concern that the Likud will raise the issue by surprise and try to force a vote in the government, in which the right-wing bloc has a majority. Without approving the government’s work regulations, which compensate for the lack of equality in the number of ministers, blue and whites will find it difficult to block the proposal for an annual budget. In blue and white they say that as long as the government’s work regulations are not approved, they will agree to promote and discuss only issues that are directly related to dealing with the corona virus.

If the Knesset does not approve any state budget by August 25, it will be automatically dispersed and Israel will run in the fourth election. In blue and white, Netanyahu is accused of completely violating the coalition agreement, in which a long-term biennial budget was agreed to give the government stability.

The Minister for Strategic Affairs, Orit Farkash, who is leading the budget issue, Blue and White Cargo, tweeted over the weekend that “no boxes and no adventures, no sticks and no tricks. We are in the 90th minute. . “According to her, ‘If our partners are not able to put the public in 1st place, as we agreed, a route must be recalculated.’


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