The court sentenced Adi Beatty’s father to 9 months of community service


The Magistrate’s Court in Kfar Saba today (Thursday) sentenced Ronen Beatty, the father of children’s star Adi Beatty, to nine months of community service, who was convicted as part of a plea deal of committing indecent acts and sexually harassing his daughter’s fans. “The defendant exploited the minors because they were fans of his home,” the judge wrote in the sentence. “The defendant harmed the physical and mental well-being of the minors.”

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“We will begin with a request for forgiveness and pardon from the minors,” Beatty’s attorney, Advocate Avi Chimi, said as he left the hearing. The sentence is measured, balanced and profound. Some people mistakenly believe that the punishment is lenient, but this is not the case. For a month Beatty was behind bars with headlines about very serious sexual offenses that were not mentioned at the end of the day in the amended indictment. His family was destroyed, his occupation as an executor was deprived of him and for two and a half years he was buried in his house. He has voluntarily been in long-term care for three years, studied, acknowledged his sin and learned the necessary lessons. “

Ronen Beatty entered court today

“In circumstances that include the punishment, it is appropriate and reflects the public interest,” continued Adv. Chimi. “Beatty’s face is to lead a normative lifestyle from now on. He is soaked in his pain and his remorse has found expression in countless therapeutic reports. He has gone through a long mask of understanding the wrongdoer in his actions and here stands another person from the same person who committed the offenses. We appreciate the sentence and I believe that the sentence imposed also reflects the interest of the complainants. ”

Advocate Inbar Kedar-Baruch, who represents one of the minor girls, said at the end of the hearing: “I heard a disgraceful sentence that sends a very problematic message. Not only is this a light sentence of nine months’ imprisonment by way of community service, but it can certainly encourage more offenders to harm minors with serious sexual abuse that they carry with them for years. ”

“I sat in the courtroom and did not hear a word about the damage done to the victims, the difficulties they experienced and their lives after that injury,” continued Adv. Kedar-Baruch. Absorbed from the damage. There was not a single word about the victims. disgrace”.

The father of one of the victims protested Beatty’s sentence: “The justice system has betrayed the trust of the minors, and betrayed the public’s trust and its ability to keep convicted sex offenders out of society. “Others will continue to operate throughout the network and harm as Mr. Beatty did without fear or apprehension, neither from the law nor from the justice system.”

“The discretion in the court’s judgment regarding the preference for rehabilitation capacity over the provision of protection to victims is outrageous and disgraceful,” the father stressed. “The court has its place to sentence justice and not to allow a sex offender to return to the public.”

“Asked the minors to commit indecent acts themselves”

According to the amended indictment between the years 2018-2017, Beatty used to talk to minors, fans of his daughter singer Adi Beatty, in WhatsApp groups and in private chat when some of the conversations were of a sexual nature. Among other things, Beatty asked them to perform obscene acts themselves, send him messages, videos and photos of a sexual nature and send them similar videos. For these charges, the prosecution asked the court to sentence Beatty to 4 years in prison.

Ronen Beatty will be charged with sexual offenses against minors
Ronen Beatty in court. Archive | Photo: From “Good evening with Guy Pines”, Keshet broadcasts

Beatty, according to the amended indictment, “used to have sexual conversations with the minors, and among other things used to ask them if they had sex.” Beatty also asked the minors for rude voice messages and sent them some pictures and videos in which he performs sexual acts. It was also written that Beatty even asked one of the minors to perform sexual acts on him and sent three minors a video documenting sexual acts between two minors in a classroom.

The original indictment alleges that Beatty threatened the minors, but this offense remained outside the amended and agreed-upon indictment on both sides. According to the original indictment, some of the minors approached Beatty’s wife via WhatsApp and revealed his actions, in response “the defendant sent a voice message in the group in which he threatened two of the minors and warned them not to mess with him.”

In the same message he said, according to the original indictment: “Start reassuring, why I will not ask one more time. I said mine right now and let’s see you not calm down and do what you want and let’s see what happens. I will not repeat it one more time.”


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