The court is hearing an order to prevent harassment of Yair Netanyahu


The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court this morning (Sunday) heard the case of Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s son, who published the details of the protest leaders against his father and called for them to be harassed. Activists on Friday issued a request for an order to prevent threatening harassment on his part. At first, Netanyahu was supposed to attend the hearing, but this morning he was granted an exemption from appearing. A number of Likud demonstrators gathered outside the Magistrate’s Court and protested the very existence of the debate. Activated Haim Shadmi came to court accompanied by a security guard.

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Advocate Gonen Ben Yitzhak, who represents the “Prime Minister” movement and one of those seeking the order, said at the beginning of the hearing: “We are after a weekend of threats and all because Yair Netanyahu called on his gangs to come and do justice to us. Even after we submitted the application for the order – it did not deter him from continuing to spread the calls. In the comments to Yair’s tweet on Twitter and Facebook, statements were written such as “Let’s go up to their house and burn them and their families.” The judge asked if Netanyahu could delete such comments, and Adv. Ben Yitzhak replied that he could delete the tweet and thus delete the comments.

Social activist Haim Shadmi | Photo: Ofer Chen

Adv. Yossi Cohen Representing Yair Netanyahu, he responded to the allegations“Yair Netanyahu is not responsible for the responses and condemns them in every language of request. He also suffers from tens of thousands of publications as a result of the activities of organizations such as this organization, which is the most serious and violent and the last that has any right to seek protection.”

Advocate Cohen added: “I will preserve the dignity of the lawyer Ben-Yitzhak, who is involved in organizing anarchists who hold violent demonstrations. Sitting here is one of the people suspected and interrogated with threats of the assassination of Yair Netanyahu. A person who is dangerous to the public who has been documented is rioting with a stick in his hand. “

A life that bleeds
That morning fee is out of court

Advocate Cohen also claimed that “no injustice was done here that justifies the issuance of an order. There is no doubt that the total publication is a photocopy of a public document that according to the Associations Law, not only can it be published but must be published. These people are protesting in front of the prime minister’s residence, calling for a demonstration near Minister Ohana’s house. “At this point, Judge Dorit Feinstein asked if respondent Yair Netanyahu did not see the difference between ministers and public figures and the applicants. Adv. Cohen replied that” they are corrupting an entire country. That’s the truth. And they complain that they wrote a post about them demonstrating in front of their house ?! “.

Early in the morning, Netanyahu submitted a request to cancel or postpone the hearing. According to him, the activists Haim Shadmi, Yishai Hadas and Adv. Gonen Ben Yitzhak are “a bunch of thugs, unscrupulous anarchists” whose “purpose is to cynically use the court to advance their foreign goals.” A judge ruled that he must be available by phone for any question during the hearing.

Members of the board of directors of the New Contract Association, which is leading the protest movement against the prime minister, issued the request on Friday following Netanyahu’s call to his followers on Twitter to visit their homes: “Invites everyone to come and demonstrate, day and night To the homes of these people who have been organizing all the anarchy for us in the country in recent weeks. “


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