The court attacks Sapir Nissani, who caused her mother’s death


The Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva this morning sharply attacked former journalist Sapir Nissani, who was convicted of causing death by negligence of her mother, and accused her of doing everything possible to avoid ending the proceedings in her case. Nissani, who was convicted in February 2019 of pouring a pot of oil on her mother and causing her death, was due to receive her sentence tomorrow (Monday) but she asked to postpone the hearing on the grounds that she must undergo a corona examination.

This is not the first time Nissani has asked to postpone a hearing on her case. Initially, Nissani requested a review of probation services in her case, but did not cooperate with the probation service. Subsequently, she claimed that she wanted to submit various requests, which she did not submit, she was referred for an opinion on behalf of the commissioner and did not exhaust the proceedings before him, she claimed that she wanted to appeal her conviction but did not do so and more. _OBJ

Nissani was supposed to receive the sentence about two weeks ago, but close to the hearing she submitted a number of requests to postpone the sentencing, claiming that a petition is submitted to the High Court “at this time”, and her denied applications on the day of the verdict itself that Now that the isolation has changed and the date of re-sentencing has come, she submitted another request – this time on the grounds that she must undergo a corona test, even though those who are in isolation are referred for corona tests during the isolation and not after it has ended.

“The court took considerable patience in her case in view of the nature of her arguments and the fact that she represents herself alone, but it seems inevitable at this time to determine that the defendant uses every possible reason to postpone sentencing in her case,” Judge Eliana Danieli wrote. Another week, and clarified that if Nissani does not present a document indicating that it was indeed infected with Corona the hearing will take place at that time. In addition, the judge ordered the state to take care of bringing Nissani to the hearing, in case she tried to evade him as well.


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