The corona virus feels very far away in the former seat of fire Zwartewaterland


Café De Blizzard in Zwartsluis is running like never before. And that gives a double feeling, say employees of the harbor cafe. Because on the one hand you want the terraces to be full. But yes, that one and a half meter rule …

‘People just do whatever’

“Keeping your distance? That is currently diluted”, says café employee Martijn Schoonewille. “People just do whatever.” He fears that stricter measures will be imposed at some point, “because that’s not how it goes.”

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Full terraces and large groups of tourists. And that in Zwartewaterland, the Overijssel municipality that was hit hardest by the corona virus. “Most people know someone who has been infected,” says Poulssen.


“As time goes on, people are more laconic about it,” said Poulssen. What are you doing then? “Point people out, call them to account for their responsibility.” Although that is not always easy, Schoonewille also acknowledges. “Sometimes you actually have to send people away, but you also want to have your terrace full.”

What to do? Should the government intervene harder? The entrepreneurs in Zwartewaterland disagree. Almost everyone is looking forward to tonight’s press conference. Because we all need to be reminded of the dangers of the virus.

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