The Corona Shadow Committee Here in the south


Last Wednesday, the Malach Committee convened for its third meeting since the beginning of the year, with the main agenda dealing with the Corona virus. , MDA and ZAKA, heads of complexes, representatives of municipal companies, emergency officials, members of the Defense Department and the municipal staff

Posted on: 2.8.20 09:40

By: Liav Ahaban

The meeting of the Sailing Committee No. 3, which took place last Wednesday, while maintaining distance and wearing masks, was opened by the Mayor of Ashdod, Dr. Yehiel Lasri, who dedicated the meeting to the issue of the corona. “We are happy that there is one address for the Corona issue and for the entire lineup – Professor Gamzo,” he said, noting the importance of appointing a national professor who will head “a body that integrates the lineup and will greatly contribute to the fight against the Corona virus.”

The great news of a national commissioner who will head the program known as “Magen Israel” was presented by Prof. Roni Gamzo at a media press conference from which several new principles emerge which the mayor emphasized at the committee meeting. “In fact we see a new contract with the public The public in the system, “said Dr. Lasri, referring to the plan and emphasizing the importance of the matter that will help organize the information and convey it in a clear and coordinated manner. “From now on there will be one center that will centralize the information to the public,” he said.

Dr. Lasri noted that under the new plan, the fight against amputation will be carried out by the following means: increasing the test systems so that they are more comprehensive and faster, active involvement of the army in conducting epidemiological investigations and assisting the civilian system. The Magen Yisrael has placed special emphasis on the activities of the local authorities and the mayor welcomes this and notes that the local authority has accumulated a lot of experience and capabilities that put them in an advantage over the residents, and expresses hope that there will be a quick revision. To the publisher so that the plans and execution will be in line with Professor Gamzo’s plan.

Lachish District Commander Col. Azuelos Marco, joined the mayor’s position, noting that “the authority is the cornerstone of the plan and no one can do it better than the mayor and his people.” Azuelos spoke about the civic responsibility required at this time And the field reviews and missions that PKAR has undertaken in the field of civilian assistance.

Additional references concerned the coordination of joint work between all enforcement agencies, such as conducting “purple mark” tours, conducting inspections to certify inspectors, and emphasizing information and inclusion while showing tolerance and forbearance in the public sphere.


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