The Corona in Israel: 24 new victims from Thursday


The second wave of the corona continues at full force. When 24 patients died in Israel since Thursday. Since the outbreak of the plague, 70,000 Israelis have fallen ill. 26,542 of them still carry the virus The number of critically ill patients is high and alarming

Corona spread in Israel: The corona virus continues to strike Israelis mercilessly, and since the outbreak of the epidemic, more than 70,000 Israelis have fallen ill in Israel, according to data from the Ministry of Health published tonight (Saturday).

Last night, 1,358 new corona patients were diagnosed in Israel out of 22,890 test results obtained. Since midnight, 527 patients have been diagnosed, bringing the number of patients since the outbreak of the plague in Israel to 72,163. To date, 45,098 patients have recovered and the number of active patients stands at 26,542.

The number of patients in critical condition and deaths continues to rise all the time. Of all patients, 157 were in moderate condition and 328 in severe condition, of whom 95 were respiratory. In the last day, 6 more patients died.

On Thursday evening, the number of victims was 499 and since then until tonight, 24 more patients have died. This increased the total number of deaths to 523 lbs.


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