The Corona in Australia: A state of disaster, curfew and a ban on leaving the house in Victoria


Prime Minister of the second largest state state bAustralia, Victoria, put it in “disaster mode” today (Sunday) and announced even stricter traffic restrictions than before, including a night curfew and a ban on leaving homes. This is after the county announced 671 infections in one day.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews told residents at a news conference that “we must do more, and do more now.” Victoria is battling a devastating corona eruption that has already deprived residents of freedom, livelihood and social ties, and cut it off from the rest of Australia.

“Where you sleep tonight will be where you will have to stay for the next six weeks,” Andrews said. He announced a curfew between eight in the evening and five in the morning, starting today, and the transfer of the city of Melbourne, the second largest in Australia, to stage four of the closure.

In addition, under the new restrictions, only one person from a household will be able to leave the house once a day for up to one hour only, outside curfew hours, to buy essential items, within a 5 km radius of the house.

The new draconian restrictions stem from disease data. Seven new deaths were declared on Saturday, with a total of 123 outbreaks, and there were 11,557 verified infections. Residents were already under strict restrictions for most of July, when Melbourne was identified as the focal point of Corona’s second wave in the country.

Hundreds of mysterious cases

In addition, there are 760 “mysterious cases” in Victoria where the source of the infection cannot be traced.

“These mysteries and community infection is in many ways our biggest challenge and the reason we need to move to other laws,” Andrews said. “Throughout this crisis I have promised to be direct with you. That is why I am saying this now. It will not be perfect, and in a short time there will be more questions than answers.”

He noted that there would be “exceptions of common sense” to the rules of closure, such as a supermarket a little over five kilometers from home, or if a parent has to take his children for a walk outside. Such a walk is allowed for an hour a day, accompanied by one other person. “Work, medical care or humane parties.”


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