The corona grants will go into the accounts of the Bank – Economy


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Netanyahu et alPhoto: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

The National Insurance Institute will today (Sunday) transfer to the bank accounts of about one million and two hundred families the corona grant for children under 18 years of age.

Each family will receive NIS 500 for the first to fourth child (inclusive), and from the fifth child onwards they will receive NIS 300 per child.

The grants will be transferred to the accounts to which the child allowances are paid on a regular basis and he will also be entitled to children who were born during the month of July and have not yet received an allowance.

According to the Treasury’s calculations, these are almost three million children who will receive a grant and its total amount will be one billion and 450 million shekels.

This is the first pulse of the second corona grant promised by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. In the next pulse, a sum of NIS 750 will be transferred to each adult citizen.

Meir Spiegler, the director general of the National Insurance Institute, said that “a project on the scale of a grant for every citizen has never been in our districts.

“The funds will be transferred to the eligible beneficiaries until the last citizen receives the grants he is entitled to,” Spiegler said.


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