The corona did not affect the value of the major sports teams


The value of the largest sports teams in the world remains high and has hardly suffered any injury from the corona. This is according to Forbes’ ranking of the most equal teams.

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The Dallas Cowboys, the NFL team, is the most equal team in the sports world according to Forbes. The football team is worth $ 5.5 billion – half a billion more than last season. For five years in a row, the Cowboys have been the most equal team in the world of sports. The New York Yankees are second with a value of $ 5 billion (up from $ 4.6 billion the year before).

27 of the 50 most equal teams are in the U.S. Football League. The high interest in the league – 88 of the 100 most watched broadcasts in the U.S. in 2019 were sporting events and 73 NFL games – is largely responsible for the high value being maintained despite the Corona.

The league brings in $ 6.5 billion a year from broadcasting rights; According to estimates by experts and analysts, this amount will be doubled in the next agreement.

Dallas Cowboys Photo: Reuters

The NBA, the North American Basketball League, sends 9 teams to Forbes’ list – the New York Knicks lead the league with a value of $ 4.6 billion. The Los Angeles Lakers (4.4 billion) and the Golden State Warriors (4.3 billion) immediately followed.

European football has put 3 teams in the top 10 this year: Real Madrid ($ 4.2 billion) is leading. In total there are 7 football teams in the list of the 50 most equal teams.

The average value of the NFL team currently stands at $ 2.86 billion, the average value of the NBA team – at $ 2.12 billion and the average value of the MLB (baseball) team – at $ 1.85 billion. However, this is probably a record that will not be broken any time soon. It is estimated that the league’s negligence in preparing for the start of the baseball season in the Corona era – will lead to its early closure and unprecedented economic damage.

The average NHL (ice hockey) team is worth $ 667 million.

The football team’s average profit last year was $ 120 million. In the NBA they recorded an average profit of $ 70 million per team and in MLB – about $ 50 million per team. Also, the average NFL owner time currently stands at 39 years on the team. In the NBA this is a much shorter period (17) and in the MLB about 20 years.

The ten most equal teams in 2020 according to Forbes:
1. Dallas Cowboys, Football – $ 5.5 billion
2. New York Yankees, baseball – $ 5 billion

3. New York Knicks, Basketball – $ 4.6 billion

4. Los Angeles Lakers, basketball – $ 4.4 billion

5. Golden State Warriors, Basketball – $ 4.3 billion

6. Real Madrid, basketball – $ 4.24 billion

7. New England Patriots, Football – $ 4.1 billion

8. Barcelona, ​​football – $ 4.02 billion

9. New York Giants, Football – $ 3.9 billion

10. Manchester United, football – $ 3.81 billion


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