The Corona Commission is discussing an outline for resuming aviation industry activity


Since the decision to restrict entry and entry into Israel with the outbreak of the corona plague in March, the field of civil aviation has been almost completely paralyzed. With the exception of cargo flights and very limited passenger flights, which take place under restrictions, there is currently almost no activity of passenger flights. Deadlines for opening the sky have been postponed several times from July, August and September due to the increasing morbidity, but as long as these are conditioned on isolation involving two weeks and entry for Israeli passport holders only – the practical meaning is that the sky really does not matter.

The turning point came with Prof. Itamar Grotto’s announcement at the Economics Committee’s deliberations last week, according to which the Ministry of Health will allow uninsured entry of passengers from countries with low morbidity, known as “green”, such as Greece and Cyprus. The statement breathed new life into those involved in inbound tourism and many Israelis, most of them in the business sector.

The outline, which is being promoted together with the Ministry of Transportation, was planned for August 16, but its existence is conditional on the establishment of a rapid test system at Ben Gurion Airport for departing and arriving passengers. The issue of costs has not yet been clarified. For a few hundred shekels and even a thousand shekels per passenger and are made in private laboratories.


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