The Corona Cabinet is convening to approve a reduction in the number of people in small restaurants by half


The Corona Cabinet is convened at this time and is expected to approve a uniform outline for the operation of all enclosed spaces including synagogues and restaurants. This means that in spaces of less than 80 square meters, only 10 people will be allowed in and 30 outside. In spaces of 80 meters and more – a gathering of 20 people inside will be allowed and the number outside will remain the same – 30 people.

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Thus, if the outline is accepted, the number of people in the small restaurants will be halved within the restaurant, with a mandatory distance between the tables.

At the same time, the Corona Cabinet will also approve regulations for the operation of airports and flights. According to the regulations, no passenger with a body temperature of 38 degrees or more will be allowed to enter the terminal, and each passenger will be required to present a flight ticket and a certificate that he has submitted a health declaration to the Ministry of Health. Those staying in the terminal will have to wear masks and keep a distance of two meters.

At the same time, the regulations also stipulate that flight operators will clean and disinfect the aircraft before each flight and at the end of each flight, which will also be required to be equipped with disposable bags for collecting used masks and masks to be provided to passengers. In addition, companies will be required to install disinfectants and maintain personal hygiene on aircraft that will be used by passengers and crew.

An empty restaurant in Be’er Sheva Photo: Herzl Yosef

The regulations also stipulate that the air operator, in coordination with and assisting the airport operator, will install at the airport means that will allow passengers to check in independently. The Air Operator will encourage passengers to minimize the amount of luggage they carry in the cabin and will establish and implement a passenger seating plan that will maximize the physical distance between passengers who are not allowed in close proximity, and passengers who are not required to wear a mask.

The restaurateurs' protest. Chef Itzik Kadosh distributes food dishes in Jerusalem (archive) The restaurateurs’ protest. Chef Itzik Kadosh distributes food dishes in Jerusalem (archive) Photo: Yoav Dodkevitz

The regulations further stipulate that an air operator shall establish and implement procedures for maximum ventilation of the passenger compartment including optimal use of a compressed air conditioning system in the system for reuse of air including its air filters, and in the climate control system in the aircraft. An air carrier will not allow a passenger to board the aircraft unless the passenger is wearing a mask. The passenger will be required to wear a mask during the flight.

At the same time, fines were also imposed for violating regulations, ranging from NIS 500 to NIS 5,000. The fine for a passenger who enters the terminal without a mask will be NIS 500, while the fine for an airport operator who did not regulate a mechanism that will prevent a person from entering the terminal in violation of the conditions will be NIS 5,000.


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