The Corona Cabinet has confirmed: The shopping complexes will open at the weekend


The Corona Cabinet decided last night (Thursday) to lift the restrictions imposed on the opening of street shops, shopping centers and amusement facilities on weekends – and will bring this to the government’s approval today. It was also decided at the cabinet meeting to accept the increased intervention model in red cities proposed by Corona Commissioner Prof. Roni Gamzo – starting this coming Monday. In addition, it was agreed that cultural performances in open spaces in “green cities” would be possible, according to an outline to be agreed between the Minister of Health and the Minister of Culture and Sports.

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The decision on spot intervention in cities with a high level of morbidity was made unanimously, but no complete agreement was reached in the room. Representatives of the National Security Council and some of the ministers claimed that with this step it would not be possible to reach the target of 400 patients the day before September. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his support for tightening the restrictions, We will not be able to download the data – we will convene again to decide on more drastic measures. ”

The shopping centers are back in operation this weekend as well | Photo: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

Prof. Gamzo stressed at the meeting that the current situation is worrying and that the goal is to significantly reduce the morbidity by 1 September. “The Israeli government is sensitive to the delicate socio-economic situation and the difficulties of the public and therefore trusted me in a way that does not include a full closure,” he said at the end of the discussion. “This is probably a last chance for a line of moderation. If the morbidity does not go down within two weeks we will have to consider restrictions including the possibility of local or national closure.”

New policy for “red” and “orange” cities:

Extensive massive support system and assistance to the population, while supporting the management of the local authority.
2. Improving the cutting of the contagion chains in these cities with operational tools led by the Home Front Command, as soon as possible.
3. Ensure the isolation of the family unit to prevent inter-family infection and provide spot assistance to families.
4. Enforcement and implementation of current restrictions on gatherings and gatherings.
5. Management of a flexible evacuation system while providing local quotas above the strict criterion, managed by PKAR and the HMOs.
6. Restrictions on the education system – in coordination with the education system.
7. Increasing the assistance of the health funds and the management of morbidity by the Ministry of Health.

El Al planes are disabled
Cabinet confirmed: The sky will open in two weeks | Photo: Moshe Shai, Flash 90

At the same time, the Corona Cabinet approved the authorization of Transport Minister Miri Regev, Health Minister Yuli Eldstein and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi to promote the sky-opening outline starting August 16, and to make decisions on the issue. “I thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for giving the green light to the opening of the skies,” said Minister Regev. “Together with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, we will work to implement the outline that will allow the skies to open and protect Israeli aviation.”

Minister of Tourism Assaf Zamir welcomed the decision to resume operations in the aviation industry. “This is important news for the tourism industry and for all Israeli citizens,” he said. “Opening the skies is a necessary step on the way to the recovery of the Israeli economy and the rehabilitation of the tourism industry for all its workers, who suffered a fatal blow following the crisis. Welcomes this important decision that will provide many with a horizon for the future.”


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