The Corona Cabinet confirmed: The number of passengers in the vehicle will be limited, attendance at workplaces will be reduced | all the details


The Corona Cabinet has approved regulations regulating restrictions on business activities, workplaces, places open to the public and gatherings, as well as rules of conduct in public space in the shadow of the spread of the Corona virus as well as anchoring existing rules for workplaces.

The decision will take effect upon the expiration of the emergency regulations on Tuesday, August 11.

The regulations stipulate the following arrangements:

A. Establishing rules in the public space regarding the maintenance of a distance of 2 m between people.

B. Determining a ban on gathering in a space in a private, public and public or business place – of more than 20 people in an open space, and up to 10 people in a building.

third. Setting a restriction on travel in a private vehicle, regarding the number of passengers – 2 passengers in addition to the driver, and if the vehicle has more than one rear bench, another passenger on each additional bench, except for people living together.

D. Placing signs by the local authority near amusement facilities in public areas, regarding the obligation to maintain distance, prohibition of gathering and masks.

God. The rules that apply to a public or business place, among others: submitting a declaration, placing a partition, signage, appointing a Corona commissioner, interviewing and measuring temperature, marking places to stand in line, maintaining hygiene and disinfection rules, not entering a person without a mask, etc.

and. Determination of the permissible occupancy in a public and business place: one person per 7 sq.m. or in accordance with the crowd limit (whichever is higher). , Group therapy in a welfare setting – up to 15 people, and in the pool and mikveh – in the pool water up to one person per 6 square meters. In addition, there is an obligation to place signs regarding the number of residents allowed in the place, and the determination and operation of a mechanism for regulating the residents.

P. clarification – The said instructions do not derogate from the “director’s instructions” given by virtue of the Public Health Ordinance, to prevent the spread of an epidemic, including: prayer houses, mikveh tahara, a restaurant, a hairdresser and beauty treatments, and more.

H. Determination of additional conditions (in addition to the general conditions of a place open to the public and business) – for the mall and the market, including the prevention of eating in a common food complex.

ninth. Determination that in the delivery service the delivery will be placed near the development of a residence, outside it.

. Giving authority to the head of service or a district physician in the Ministry of Health, in case it was discovered that Corona was in a public or business place, to order the closure of the place or part thereof for the period necessary to prevent infection with the virus or to conduct an epidemiological investigation. There is a possibility in the regulations to obtain on this determination.

Yes. Provision of a blanket ban on the operation of: a disco, bar and pub, hall or garden for celebrations and events as well as: water park, amusement park and amusement park – including those located in the building, a Jacuzzi which is a licensed business and a place to hold fairs.

Twelve. Restriction on the holding of an event of the specified types, in which the number of participants exceeds what is permitted in accordance with the prohibition on gathering. Including: conference, party, festival, organized trip, etc., whether this gathering takes place in the private and public space, or whether it takes place in a place open to the public or in a business.

יג. Opening pools for toddlers.

Hand. The new regulations allow, among other things, cultural events to take place in accordance with restrictions on the number of participants in gatherings. The Director General of the Ministry of Health, in consultation with the Director General of the Ministry of Culture, may authorize an institution of culture to hold performances under other conditions it may decide.

As for workplaces that do not receive an audience, the rules that have been in place to date have been anchored in the regulations that up to 10 people in a closed area and 20 people in an open area do not apply, and instead employers are instructed on how to act to minimize virus infection. Thus, in practice, jobs that do not receive an audience continue to operate properly and continuously. In addition, regulations exempting workplaces from the need to comply with the rules as much as possible are stipulated in order to maintain the continuous activity of the economy.

The rules that apply to workplaces:
A. Maintaining a distance of 2 meters between employees
B. Wearing a mask
third. Use personal equipment as much as possible
D. Meetings for up to 50 participants, adhering to the rules

Entry into force: In accordance with the law, regulations enacted under the law will be submitted to the Knesset committee and the Knesset will be entitled to approve all or part of the regulations, or not to approve or change their period of validity within 24 hours. If no decision is made during this period, the regulations will be published and enter into force upon publication (at the end of 24 hours from the date of the decision), and the Knesset committee will discuss the regulations and decide whether to approve them above, within 14 days – regarding restrictions on private and public space, or within 28 days Regarding restrictions on the activities of businesses and places open to the public.


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