The coolest movie references in Destroy All Humans!


In Destroy All Humans! can you get started with the remake of the cool game from 2005 you are visiting earth and want to learn more about the human race. You do this with the aim of throwing humanity at your feet as slaves of the Furon race. During your adventure you complete various missions in which besides a healthy dose of humor the necessary film references are processed. This includes the deleted mission The Wrong Stuff, which takes place in Area 42, the parody of Area 51. We begin with the names of the missions themselves, which are already a rich source of references for the submission of the human race.

Destination Earth!

Thus, the mission is Destination Earth! A reference to the film of the same name from 1956. In the film, in which Martians first come to earth, there is a similar plot to what you experience in the first hours of the game. A Martian is sent to Earth in that movie to find a better source of energy for his Emperor’s limousine. There he meets the people he is disgusted with. The film has a similar plot to the game. Martians land on Earth for the first time

In Destroy All Humans! we also see an alien visiting Earth. It doesn’t go so well for the alien, so you come into the picture. You do not look for energy sources in the game, but you have a more intense goal. You want to enslave humanity, making the Furon kingdom bigger and more powerful. For this you have to get the necessary people out of the way. Something you do with love, because you hate the earthly inhabitants from the first minute.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The Televisions of Doom mission is the fifth mission in Destroy All Humans! The mission is a clear reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, although the mission itself has little to do with the film. In Destroy All Humans! you have to work with the antennas of the people to give them a special message from the mother ship. The goal is to get people under control by simply brainwashing them. You can see for yourself whether that mission is going well.

The mission itself has even more film references. You follow two agents in black suits who work for Majestic. The game refers to the agency Majestic-12 in Men in Black. The agents are in the game ‘dudes in dark’ in ‘men in …really dark brown’ mentioned. Of course, this refers to The Men in Black, of which Will Smith is one in the alien blockbuster. Later in the game, Majestic-12 is even mentioned by name, again emphasizing the reference to the film. Fortunately, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not in the game, because then it would end badly for Crypto.

Village of the Damned

Another mission in Destroy All Humans! is Suburbs of the Damned. In this mission, the aim is to brainwash humanity further with a radio broadcast. You therefore kidnap a presenter who should get everyone on your side. In the meantime, the police and the army show up with full force to silence you and the presenter.

This mission refers to the science fiction / horror film Village of the Damned, in which a village is confronted with strange events. For example, ten women become pregnant in one day, resulting in nine quite strange children. Those children soon turn out to be in no good mood.


Of course, not the only aliens that have ever been on Earth come from a galaxy we don’t know. Some aliens are also simply born on Earth. Take Godzilla, for example. He comes from the deepest powers of the sea. The huge creature dives at the end of Destroy All Humans! in the game. A newspaper at the end of the game shows that a ‘Huge lizard off the coast of Japan’ has been discovered. This is about none other than Godzilla.

Many more movie references in missions

In addition to these four examples of movie references, there are many other missions that refer to a movie. Almost every mission in the game seems to refer to a movie or series. Take, for example, Citizen Crypto which refers to Citizen Kane, This Island Suburbia which refers to This Island Earth and Teenage Zombies from Outer Space, a clear reference to Teenagers from Outer Space. This reference will come back later in the game.

Hilarious movie references in people’s minds

The human brain plays a huge role in Destroy All Humans! Crypto has to know as much as possible about the people and how they are put together. For this, the necessary brains have to be scanned and there is also sometimes one anal
probe worked. As in the missions, numerous references to films appear during scanning.

You can count on it that you scan a scientist somewhere who is going to talk about his enormous brain. His brain is so big that it is the size of a planet, according to the scientist. This is a reference to a movie that is iconic in science fiction: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

If you scan an agent there is a chance that you will get a reference to Top Gun for your choosing. Indeed, some agents say ‘What am I thinking? I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.’ In Top Gun says Maverick (Tom Cruise) this, if Charlie asks him where he saw a MIG dive in 4G. Another place where this quote comes in is The Hounds of Baskervilles, in which the doctor says this to Sherlock Holmes.

For example, there are many more references to be found, in addition to people’s rather funny other thoughts, including a basket that just got married and literally the seven day itch
and wants to cheat and a woman who is unsure whether to take one, two or three valiums. Apparently the whole world in the game is crazy.

Movie references if you get caught

In Destroy All Humans! it is important that you are not discovered. The game gives you the opportunity to take the form of a person and thus can infiltrate different places unnoticed. Yet it will happen to you once that you are discovered by a human being. This not only creates the necessary problems, but also ensures that the people you discover make the necessary statements that are hilarious and sometimes even contain a film reference.

For example, if you are discovered during the Foreign Correspondent mission, statements from Monty Python and the Holy Grail will come by if a guard wants to know your name. For example, a security guard will ‘What is your name? Like, answers smart guy..what ís your name?’ call. In addition, there are guards who work very hard ‘Heeere’s Johnny which is clearly from Shephen Kings The Shining and ‘Say hello to my Little Friend’ uit Scarface.

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Dive into your spaceship for even more references

Where the world in Destroy All Humans! is already good for a whole heap of film references, Crypto’s ship takes it a step further. Your spaceship is the place to be if you are looking for upgrades and want to select a level, but also the place for movie references and the necessary funny elements. For example, you can find a nice origami feature in your ship in which the paper folding works of earthly scenes such as the kidnapping of cows can be seen. If you upgrade your ship or Crypto you will hear a small reference to James Bond if Pox accidentally calls you 007. You can also dive into the archives for even more cool references.


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