The chairman of the Histadrut announced the opening of the Histadrut’s Independent Forum


A historic change for the self-employed? The chairman of the Histadrut announced the opening of the Histadrut’s Independent Forum, which should give significant power to their struggles with the state.

About six months after his intention to establish a framework for the self-employed was revealed, Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David today officially launched the Histadrut’s Self-Employed Forum. The forum is supposed to correct historical injustices for the self-employed, The forum intends to promote the enactment of a safety net for the self-employed in times of crisis. That will include solutions for the benefit of self-employed people who have fallen or failed in their routine days.

The Histadrut’s Independent Forum will be headed by cultural events producer and businessman Rami Beja. The forum’s founders also include Gil Hovav, Dedi Suissa, Doron (Kofi) Etzioni, Eli Levy, Moshe Datz, Modi Perry, Shabtai Michael, and Miki de Paz.

Bar-David’s intention to establish such a framework, under the auspices of the Histadrut, was first revealed during the month of March when he announced that the Histadrut would not stand in the way of the growing distress of the self-employed. In the months since, the Histadrut chairman has criticized the inequality in the state’s attitude toward this public, especially since the outbreak of the corona crisis.

At the same time, there was a loud outcry from all the independent organizations about the treatment of the business sector during this period, demonstrations and protests were held and negotiations were held with the government. Throughout the period, all heads of the self-employed organizations called on the government to act to protect the rights of the self-employed, while arranging adequate compensation for harm to the scope of business activity and creating an unemployment benefit mechanism according to the same rules that enshrine employees’ rights.

In recent months, the chairman of the Histadrut has held meetings with representatives of the self-employed and with the heads of organizations working for this public, to hear about the difficulties, needs and opportunities for future collaborations. For the self-employed who started operating about two weeks ago. Since the fund opened, the Histadrut has distributed thousands of food baskets to the self-employed and their families in distress.

The founding charter of the Forum of the Self-Employed, signed this morning by the founders of the project, states that the Histadrut sees social security as a basic right for all workers in Israel, both self-employed and employees. In light of this, the Histadrut will strive to apply the principle of equality and justice for all.

The forum was launched today at a small event that took place in the hall of the Histadrut House of Representatives in Tel Aviv, which was attended by prominent figures from the business sector and the independent struggle.

Among those present at the ceremony: President of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, CPA Iris Stark, Head of the Israel Bar Association, Adv. Avi Chimi, President of the Chamber of Appraisers, Haim Mesilati, Chairman of the Association of Hall Owners, Noam Levy, Chairman of the Actors’ Association Shaham, Esti Zakheim, Chairman of the Association of Interior Designers, Einat Tzur Kibak, CEO of the National Organization of Security and Cleaning Companies, Pini Schiff, Chairman of the Association of Caregivers in Israel, Noam Ezra, CEO of the Travel Agents Association, Tali Laufer , CEO of the Organizers Association, Inbal Jurini Peretz, Acting Chairman of the Association of Air Conditioning Contractors, Moshe Valley and others.

“We bring to it the power of the Histadrut that has been built for 100 years”

Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David said in his speech: “Today we are launching the Independents Forum and we are bringing to it the power of the Histadrut that has been built for 100 years. For you, for the people of Israel, so that we can get through this crisis together, united as a people and not as individual tribes that quarrel with each other. We are doing well. ”

The forum, as the chairman of the Histadrut clarified, is not intended to replace any other organization currently working for the self-employed, but to generate broad cooperation. Of the decision-makers and the government, “Bar-David emphasized during the event.” We entered into this crisis together and I want us to leave it together. It is impossible to separate the world of employees from the world of the self-employed, it is one world that is intertwined and knitted within each other. ”

In his remarks, Bar-David criticized the policy that abandoned the self-employed: “Many mistakes were made here. What would have happened if on March 10 they had given unemployment to the self-employed as well? Instead, get smart, send to the funds and loans that were not released. Here is in-depth thinking. What is there a state for? What are we living here for? Just to fight and shed blood on it or also to earn a decent living? The state should stand up for the citizens and give them solutions and not overrule the public. “Companies, cooperation between streams in the Israeli economy. They tried to seduce the self-employed in the employees. Does that make sense to you? If the employees are weak and poor, who will buy from the self-employed? Who will buy tickets for shows, who will book trips and hotels? .

The head of the Histadrut’s Independence Forum, Rami Beja, joined the Histadrut chairman, saying: “I stand here today in this symbolic building in the name of livelihood. The Histadrut returns to being the home of livelihood, the Ministry of Defense of livelihood. It is clear to everyone that the challenge is huge but we are determined and understand today the great need for this body. I stand here excited because the class is nothing short of historic. ”

Beja added: “From today we are committed to the self-employed, committed to yielding results with conditions for every self-employed and we have a lot of work to do. We will gather to formulate goals and objectives and strive to bring in line. , Between us and the state and all this at a time when we must work together for the recovery of the economy, for the recovery of the Israeli economy and for a revised and better future. I thank the chairman of the Histadrut and all the leaders of the organization for understanding the need. Thanks for the roof. I am sure that we will respect the class and the place and take the task with both hands, we will hug each other tightly and together – we will do and we will succeed. ”

“This is a big day. We’re shouting save”

The head of the Israel Bar Association, Adv. Avi Chimi, said: “A country that wants life needs and needs a strong Histadrut. Employees in the Corona crisis gave their share of the country’s economy, worked under non-conditions and sought to stabilize the economy. On the other hand, the employees felt secure because there is a network that has been woven for decades by the Histadrut. We, the independents, cannot trust the politicians, we have no other home – the Histadrut is our home. It is a home that is accustomed to caring for many and diverse populations and we want to be with you. We will accept the obligations in humility, but also the rights – the right to earn a decent living and the right to get up in the morning, to dedicate yourself to work and to promote the state’s business, knowing that in a crisis we will not be left behind. ”

Moshe Datz, one of the founders of the Independent Forum, said at the opening of the event: “This is a great day because so far we have been left alone. We shout save and in my world, in the world of culture, we have simply been silenced. “We are deprived of the desire to live. There is no human being who is not supposed to bring bread home but no one cares about us. Until now we have been called by all sorts of names – we have been called regrets, we have been called aliens and we have been called disease spreaders.”

“I would like to thank the chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, for taking us, the independents, under the wings of the Histadrut. I really think the separations that are made between the employees and the self-employed are unnecessary. In the end, we all run the economy and, as in any family, everyone has a role to play. We need it too. When each of us, the self-employed, does it alone – we are weak. As the saying goes: Each of us is a small light and we are all a solid light. It’s time for the darkness to disappear and I really hope that the Histadrut, which has power and knows how to move, will take care of us as well. ”

Roi Cohen, president of Lahav, the Chamber of Independent Organizations and the representative body of over a quarter of a million self-employed, said that “Lahav wishes great success to all who work for the self-employed and promote a social safety net for them. Lahav is not in competition with anyone, including the Histadrut. “Initiative and activity on the part of the chairman of the Histadrut in these days of unbearable economic crisis for the sake of a safety net for the independent public in the State of Israel.”


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