The businesses that make up Bat Yam: “People prefer to shop in small stores”


A joint project of the Schocken chain and Bank Hapoalim to encourage shopping in local businesses. Meet the couple who started the business following love, the first spice shop in town and the business owner who dreamed of a candy store

Posted on: 13.8.20 10:36

By: Moore Turgeman, Einat Oliveir

Blocks: “High-level service even during non-routine hours”

Blocks of raw materials for baking. Photo: Courtesy of Gushi

year of establishment: 2020.

The people behind the business: Moran and Jackie Janudi.

About the business: A store for raw materials for baking and birthdays that specializes in personal designs for cakes, balloons and packages.

How we started: “We are married in Chapter Two. Each of us has brought children into a relationship and we have a girl in common named Gaia whom we call ‘Blocks’.” For the past seven years Moran has been making homemade cakes at home and after Gaia’s birth, the couple decided to start the business together and become independent.

What the corona taught us: “You can deal with the virus and still make a decent living.”

Something else: “It is important for us to provide the highest level of service available even at non-routine hours to every customer. Orders and deliveries throughout the country.”

Address: The Prophets 3, Bat Yam, phone: 052-6796664.

“Sweet Boom”: “A sweet dream come true”

Sweet Boom. Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Boom

year of establishment: 2017.

The people behind the business: Sarit Lankri.

About the business: Lottery station and candy store with gift packages, chocolates, ice creams, popsicles and lots of other surprises.

How we started: “My husband’s dream was to have a candy store and we made that dream come true. ”

What the corona taught us: “That life is full of surprises and sometimes not so pleasant.”

Something else: Deliveries to the customer’s home.

Address: Balfour 139, Bat Yam, phone: 03-9195993, for the website click here.

Loud coffee: “Grind the spices in front of the customer”

Loud coffee. Photo: Courtesy of Ram Coffee

year of establishment: 1958.

The people behind the business: Yossi wrote.

About the business: Shop for dried fruits, roasted nuts on the spot and spices that are ground on the spot.

How we started: “We are the first spice and coffee shop in Bat Yam. My grandfather opened the place in the name of his son as a roasting house that was very famous in the country and then became a spice shop.”

What the corona taught us: “It was in Corona that we saw how vital we are. People we haven’t seen in a long time: people would rather shop in small shops and look for the warmth of home.”

Something else: Of all the spice stores in Bat Yam that buy ready-made bags, our uniqueness is that we grind everything in front of the customer’s eyes. ”

Address: Rothschild 35, Bat Yam, phone: 03-5073804, for the website click here.

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