The businesses that make the streets: “We started the business out of love for people”


A joint project of the Schocken chain and Bank Hapoalim to encourage shopping in local businesses. Get to know the place that has been transformed from an event center into a furniture display store, the eyeglass store and the alcoholic beverage bar that is always good to visit

Posted on: 13.8.20 10:53

By: Ella Aharonov

Pomegranates: From a banquet of events to luxury furniture

Pomegranate halls. Photo: Uri Cohen

business name: Pomegranate Events Residence.

year of establishment: 2010.

The people behind the business: Uri Cohen, Rehovot.

About the business: The Pomegranate Events Center includes three halls where events for 200 to 500 people can be held at popular prices. “During these months, I closed the halls because of the corona and turned to a neighbor who sells furniture. We put outlet furniture on display in the halls and you can come, pay and take,” Uri Cohen explains.

How we started: “I came from the field of clubs and had the opportunity to enter the field of ballrooms with a partner. After that, I progressed and set up two more halls.”

What the corona taught us: “I was close to bankruptcy. I am in financial difficulties and only a few more years will probably be able to settle down and then appreciate what I have learned.”

Something else: “In the halls you will find Italian furniture of a very high standard that costs a lot of money. You can come and pick it up at affordable and very affordable prices.”

Address: Sara and Shmuel Gothilf 1, Rehovot, for the website click here.

Optical V: “Customers come because of the quality”

business name: Optical V.

year of establishment: 2005.

the people ThatBehind the business: Israel Wilder, 42 years old.

About the business: “We sell glasses and contact lenses. We also conduct vision tests, fitting glasses and tests for a driver’s license.”

How we started: “After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Hadassah, I decided to start a business in the field of eyeglasses.”

What the corona taught us: “The Corona has taught us the importance of quality. Customers come to us because of the quality and the warm service we provide. Despite the harm to the various businesses, we have not been harmed too much.”

Address: Herzl 183, Rehovot.

The liquor bar: “Brand quality has left customers”

business name: The liquor bar.

year of establishment: 2003.

the people ThatBehind the business: Kobi Sage, 42, Chai Suissa, 42.

About the business: “We sell alcohol privately to the customer.”

How we started: Kobi: “The business was started by Chai, my partner, in 2003. I joined the business a few years later. We love the profession and the friendship between me and Chai is a key component in our success.”

What the corona taught us: “We have always provided good service and worked mainly with boutique beverages and well-known beverages. The name of the brands brought us the customers but the quality of the brands is what kept the customers with us. Drinking even in such a period. ”

Address: Herzl 93, Rehovot.

Optic Meyer: “Everyone who applies will receive a free eye examination”

Optic Meyer. Photo: Aviraz Raz

business name: Optic Meyer.

year of establishment: 1991.

The people behind the business: Meir and Yaffa Avraham, and their children Eliran and Daniel.

About the business: “We set up the business out of a great love for people. We provide service in all areas of optics – glasses, contact lenses, vision tests and more. Our strength is expressed in the wide range of products and personal treatment. We have a professional and innovative laboratory that makes glasses in half an hour. Services for the Licensing Office and for a digital license. ”

How we started: “My husband Meir is a professional who runs the lab in a very precise and professional manner, and I am a retired high school literature teacher. He opened the place and I joined him and so did our two children.”

What the corona taught us: “With faith and optimism things work out. Many customers were added to us due to familiarity with the optics that remained open throughout the Corona period. The Corona also taught us to continue to focus on providing personal and family service, and that is our motto.”

Something else: “We provide an immediate solution for making glasses on the spot. I am a stylist for glasses and make a perfect fit for all types of faces at no cost. In addition, everyone who applies through the article will receive a free eye examination for glasses worth NIS 200.”

Address: Jerusalem Road 2, Rehovot, phone: 08-9410733, for the website click here.

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