The Border Police arrested 129 illegal Palestinians


Last night (Monday), the Border Police launched an operation in the section of the seam line in the south of the country to prevent infiltration of Palestinians who are not allowed to enter Israeli territory. The fighters, who were deployed with overt and covert forces, worked both to locate the Palestinians coming from the territories and to arrest the Israeli drivers who drive them for a fee to localities in the southern region.

In an operation that ended recently, Border Police fighters arrested 129 Palestinians, illegal residents and 14 Israeli drivers. The detainees went for questioning by the Border Police and the Israel Police. In Israel.

As part of the operation, the fighters arrested 70 Palestinians who allegedly entered from the Meitar crossing area and were arrested in the Meitar forest. The 70 suspects in their 20s to 50s, residents of the Hebron area were detained and 66 of them had entry reports to Israel, the remaining 4 were taken for questioning by the Border Police for re-entry.


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