The blogger “Ishton” was arrested on suspicion of harassing the former clerk who testified in the submarine case


An independent journalist who runs the well-known blog “Ishton” was arrested today (Monday) by the police on suspicion of harassing a witness in case 3000 (submarine case) – former Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance Michal Abadi Boyanjo, who later also served as chairman of Psagot.

Abdai Boyanju testified to police as part of the affair in 2017 against the background of the fact that in her role at the time, as Accountant General, she was involved in the state’s financial dealings with the German corporation ThyssenKrupp as part of the purchase of gas rigs.

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Michal Abadi Boyanju Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

Police said this evening that following an undercover investigation, this morning the National Unit for Combating Economic Crime (YALK) arrested the suspect in Blade 433 and detained another suspect – the blogger’s partner – on suspicion of committing offenses of invading privacy, harassing a witness and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The IDF is the unit leading the case of 3,000 – one of the unit’s flagship cases – but the current investigation has begun following a complaint filed by the former Tel Aviv Knesset fraud unit. She told investigators that an anonymous person who came to her home presented her with a false presentation, while impersonating an employee of an intelligence body. She also said that the same person presented her with an article that was predicted for an article that was about to be published, and all this against the background of the testimony she had given in the past in the submarine affair. Following this, the investigation of the case was transferred to the care of the IDF in Blade 433.

From that moment on, there was an undercover investigation that raised suspicion, according to the police version, that the suspect “was prepared ahead of time and acted to track down the complainant’s place of residence and other places where she was staying, using various means. He also arrived home late in the evening. To work in an intelligence body in order to acquire the faith and get what he wants from it. ”

This morning with the arrest of the blogger for questioning the police also conducted a search of his home and seized computers and documents, or as the police defined it – “digital and other media”. The police emphasized tonight, in light of the sensitivity in the fact that they seized and confiscated a journalist’s confidential material, that all this was “according to an order given by the court”.

The submarine case is currently at the hearing stage, after the State Attorney’s Office summoned the suspects in the serious security corruption case to a hearing last December before a final decision was made to file an indictment against them.

Ishton’s lawyer, Gonen Ben Yitzhak, told Calcalist in response that the suspicions were unfounded: “I think he came too close to the truth, and it is really an attempt to silence him. “To harass until?” This is an offense that must have a personal or ideological motive behind it. This is an extraordinary and special person, and the investigations he has published to date are very serious and in-depth and the journalists’ organization considers him a journalist for everything.


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