The big reality star begging for work


This is no longer one of the effects of the Corona plague, but simply a changing, fading and even transient glory – which brought this reality star to tears, especially when he turned to his executives and demanded that they find him a new job. Walla! Personnel Celebs

Walla! Celebs


In the entertainment industry as in the entertainment industry – no matter how much the audience loved you, no matter how much time you spent on screen, track or stage, no matter how attractive you were a week ago, the world can turn upside down in an instant, because fame has faded, due to lack of interest or precisely because That the last job you chose was a little less successful. This is probably what happened to the great Israeli reality star, who these days seems to be having a very hard time finding work or sources of income.

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Walla! Celebs have heard people close to this very famous reality refugee, because recently he is actually begging his professional managers to arrange a job, role or even an advertising campaign that he will lead and be able to put some cash into his bank account. Do not feel sorry for him, in the past the tough guy entered people’s hearts, made big money and could have demanded quite a bit of money, but nowadays the audience seems a little less connected to him, so even if agents insist, not many entities would be happy to hire his services or show off your. Too bad.



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