The best Nintendo Switch covers: protect your Switch in style!


Buying a Nintendo Switch is a great idea. It’s a fantastic device, but it should cost a lot. We understand better than anyone that you want to keep your new handheld as beautiful as possible. And you can! There are countless covers available to protect your Switch as well as possible.

But which covers should you have exactly? We will tell you that in this article! We have listed six fantastic covers for you. With these covers you not only protect your Nintendo Switch, but also make it particularly stylish.

Nintendo Switch cases: these are the best

As mentioned, we have selected six cool covers for you. Given that flavors differ, not all of them may be entirely to your taste. But we are almost certain that there is a great case for everyone.

We explain them for you, give you a price and link to where you can purchase the Nintendo Switch case.

Keep in mind that we use affiliate links in this article. You will not notice this yourself, but this gives us a small percentage of the purchase amount. Can we eat again tomorrow night!

Mario case for your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch covers
Nice package! (Image:

Mario is without a doubt one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. In that respect, it is quite logical that you keep your Nintendo Switch in this fantastic case. It is a red case in which you can not only store the device itself. You can also easily store some accessories and games in it. And when everything is closed, you can put an extra protective layer on top. A protective layer in the form of a plumber’s suit. Man, how cool!

The case can only be used for your Nintendo Switch Lite and can be purchased via this link for € 20.

Transparent purple protective cover

Nintendo Switch covers
Before! (Image:

A cover to store your Nintendo Switch is useful. The device is only open and exposed when you play with it. In that respect, a silicone case is quite useful. Only there are two problems you normally have with it. On the one hand they are quite boring and on the other there is nothing left of the cool design of your Switch. That is why this specific case is recommended. Not only is it transparent, but it also has a purple hue. That way you not only see how beautiful your Nintendo Switch is, but you also pimp it a bit.

You can get the Relephance Nintendo Switch case via this link for € 16.95!

Nintendo Switch case for the Animal Crossing fan

Nintendo Switch covers
Isn’t it great? (Image:

The title actually says it all. Anyone who is a fan of Animal Crossing, simply wants this cover. It is a case in which you can store the Nintendo Switch, accessories and games. And when you zip it up, you look at a wonderful design. Completely based on your favorite game.

The GLAEZ Animal Crossing case can be purchased for € 19.99 via this link!

Simple, but effective

Nintendo Switch
Nice and simple (Image:

Some people want their Nintendo Switch to stand out as much as possible. For example, mine is tucked away in a bright red case and I’m still proud of it every day. But for other people it doesn’t have to be that way. No problem of course! This specific case is excellent for keeping the device, games and accessories safe. But when you zip it up, it is just nice and simple. Black color, no prints, absolutely great!

You can buy this case for the Nintendo Switch for € 14.95 via this link!

Gotta catch ’em all!

Nintendo Switch covers
Fantastic! (Image:

Well what should we say about this case? Store your Nintendo Switch in a case that resembles a Pokeball. We are over.

Get the Pokeball case via this link for € 21.99.

Zelda hard case for your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch covers
Zelda (Image:

People who have played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (quite rightly) gray probably think this cover is the shit. We fully understand, because we are also quite charmed. It is a transparent hard case that you put on the Switch itself. So it ensures, just like the second case, that you can just play while your device is nicely protected.

You can score the Zelda Hard Case for your Nintendo Switch via this link for € 14.95.

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The best Nintendo Switch covers: protect your Switch in style!


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