The bereaved families from Corona share: “Suddenly, in one second, he collapsed”


Three family members who lost their loved ones to the corona virus that has killed 500 people so far spoke with the reporters of “Israel Today” and told about the difficult days they experienced during the illness and the distance from the loved one who died and the person who was | “No one thought it was a corona. The next day I saw that he was shaking and had difficulty breathing and I immediately ordered MDA.”

The heavy price of the corona. 500 women and men have died from the virus since the outbreak of the corona in Israel. This is according to data from the Ministry of Health published on Friday.

Including; Zechariah Tsabari who died at the age of 83, Haim Hecker who died at the age of 77 and Rabbi Yaakov Koldetzky when he was only 69. In the midst of the increase in morbidity, in a special project raised by Yisrael Hayom reporters Yaron Doron and Adi Hashmonai

“He was pleased, but he was still young at his age” – the late Rabbi Yaakov Koldetzky, 69, from Bnei Brak

His son Menachem Koldetzky tells Israel Today: “Father went to the United States the day before Purim to raise money for institutions in Israel. “When he left, no one knew that the situation in the United States was so serious. I spoke to him and asked him to return home. He made efforts to get a flight, but it was not easy.”

Since Menachem recounts: “He coughed heavily. We took him to the hospital and there they decided to release him. After a few days I was with my wife in the delivery room and at night Dad called to greet me. The next day my brother called in panic and said Dad had a high fever. He coughed hard again. “Then also came the positive result of the corona examination. Dad was afraid to go to the hospital and after we convinced him he turned to Tel Hashomer. There he was immediately admitted to intensive care and three hours later he had already collapsed.”

The funeral of the late Rabbi Koldetzky. Photo: ZAK Tel Aviv

The deterioration of the late R. Yaakov was rapid: “The doctor told me that he arrived in a light condition, that he was calm and read Psalms and suddenly, in one second, he collapsed,” Menachem recalls in a conversation with the reporters of “Israel Today.” Today in retrospect it is not certain that we would have sent him to the hospital, because there he suffered an infection. He was in the hospital for five weeks in critical condition. The whole family prayed for his healing. We had a terrible and terrible Passover. We could not even see him. He died on Memorial Day. ”

Rabbi Koldetzky left behind a widow, 10 children and dozens of grandchildren.

“If they had initially identified him as infected with the corona, he might have been alive” – ​​the late Zechariah Tsabari, 83, of Even Yehuda

Ilan, Zechariah’s son, tells Israel Today: “A father born in Yemen immigrated to Israel in Operation Eagles’ Wings. They initially lived in transit camps until they moved to Even Yehuda. Dad was one of the founders of Even Yehuda. He died on April 30. Two weeks before that He did not feel well. I saw that he was weak but there was no more than that. It was at the beginning of the corona. I called the family doctor and he told me to give him pills. After a few days his condition became more difficult. It was difficult for him to breathe. The doctor told us to give him an inhaler. For breathing difficulties. ”

The son says that at first they did not think it was a virus; “No one thought it was a corona. The next day I saw that he was shaking and had difficulty breathing and I immediately ordered MDA. They did a test on him and saw that he had a fever of 38 degrees. At first they said it would be better for him to stay home because of the corona. But I asked to be taken to the hospital. He was evacuated to the Blaniado emergency room. They decided to hospitalize him in boarding school B. The next day we were told he had been diagnosed with corona and was transferred to the corona ward. “

About the period of hospitalization, Ilan said: “For 10 days we were in contact with him on the phone and through the video on WhatsApp. In the morning of the tenth day he would look fine, then at night we were informed that his condition had deteriorated and decided to put him to sleep. The medical staff did everything to save him. “.

Sabri left behind three children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

“I returned home without my spouse for the past 60 years” – the late Haim Haker, 77, from Moshav Sde Ilan

Nava and Haim Hecker from Moshav Sde Ilan met 60 years ago when they were teenagers. The first time they met was when Chaim, who was then an 11th grader, became an Nava instructor. Poria Poria near Tiberias.

Widow Nava Hecker tells Israel Today: “We were in the same room. For the first two days I had a high fever and I don’t remember anything about them. When I recovered we were in contact for a week and a half and then his condition started to deteriorate. They wanted to move me to another room and I said I was not leaving. “This amazing department and especially its director, Dr. Moshe Matan, are angels from heaven and allowed me to stay there.”

“When we were hospitalized they asked for our consent to connect to the soul machine if necessary and we did not agree. Seven months before my eldest son Danny died, he was a plant and connected to the soul machine. His suffering was terrible and we did not want to go through that again,” Nava adds.

Yes, the widow tells “Israel Today” that in the past week Haim has already suffered a great deal of forgetfulness and many times did not even know who I am. He relented and a day and a half before Chaim passed away he allowed our children to come in and say goodbye to him. Haim passed away on Saturday morning, March 31. It was very difficult to return home without the partner I lived with from the age of 0 “.


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