“The Bachelorette”: The drama that led to the replacement of the star


If filming under Corona’s limits weren’t challenging enough anyway, the production of The Bachelorette’s new season now faces a new hurdle: instead of the bachelorette debating which of the contestants to choose for an entire season, she’s already fallen in love with one of them – and is now demanding to retire.

The information about the drama, it should be noted, did not come from an official announcement of the production, but rather from rumors on social media that were watched over the weekend. According to the same rumors, the new season star of “The Bachelorette”, Claire Crowley, fell in love with one of the participants already at an early stage of the season, and since she refuses to continue filming she will be replaced by another bachelorette named Taishia Adams.

While the American ABC network and the Warner Bros. company declined to comment on the hypotheses, Variety magazine confirmed that according to sources in the production, they have some basis. According to the same sources, who did not address this or that infatuation on the set, Crowley’s role may indeed move to Adams later in the season. In other words, Crowley, who was originally cast as the 16th “bachelorette”, will not be completely replaced, and her dramatic story will likely also be shown on screen as well. “This is going to be a very interesting season creatively, with a lot of twists and turns,” one source said.

It should be noted that while Crowley is expected to be replaced by Thaisia, her demand to retire – if indeed there was one – should not really be accepted. Even if she fell in love with one of the singles early on and decided she had finished the “process,” Crowley is still under a strict production contract, and can not decide for herself. The only party that can decide to make such a move is, of course, the production.

To add a little more fuel to the fire, Crowley herself signaled over the weekend “Like” a Twitter tweet announcing her replacement by Adams, and canceled the check shortly thereafter. The “bachelor” and “bachelorette” contestants, as I recall, are photographed without access to their telephones, which raises questions about Crowley’s whereabouts and whether she is still participating in the show. In addition, Variety reported that text messages sent to Adams in recent days have not reached their destination, suggesting that she herself is currently filming for the show. According to the magazine, even if the drama that took place on the set turns out to be real – the ABC network is not expected to make any announcement about it, and will keep viewers in suspense until the season rises.

By the way, both Crowley and Adams are no strangers to the successful reality brand. Prior to filming the 16th season of “The Bachelor,” Crowley had already managed to star in the 18th season of “The Bachelor” (and came in second), in two seasons of “The Bachelor in Heaven” and even in “The Bachelor: Winter Games” that aired for a short time. Adams, for her part, participated in the 23rd season of “The Bachelor” (where she reached the finals) and also in the sixth season of “The Bachelor in Heaven.”

If Adams, who comes from a mixed family of African-Americans and whites, does star in the new season of “The Bachelorette,” she will further strengthen the brand when it comes to ethnic diversity. A few weeks ago it was announced that the next season star of “The Bachelor”, the 25th in number, will be Matt James: the first African-American bachelor in the history of the series.


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