The August-September 2020 IDF cycle enlists in the shadow of the corona


The IDF-September-2020 2020 recruitment cycle in the IDF kicks off this morning (Sunday), during which thousands of new recruits will be stationed in the recruitment bureaus around the country in the coming weeks. , Men and women, intended for combat service in the field units, the array of combat supporters and the rear units.

Recruitment dates in this recruitment cycle will be spread over more days than previous cycles, and between the adjustments made, the number of recruits will be reduced every day to prevent overcrowding in the conscription chain, and split the Tel Hashomer recruitment bureau into four alternative sites. The recruits will begin the process in the Green Village, the memorial site of the ICT Corps in Yehud, the memorial site of the Combat Engineering Corps in Hulda and the Mikve Israel School in Holon, as check-in and collection points. Later, another center will open in Holon. In addition, the recruits were instructed to arrive unaccompanied by families to prevent gatherings, similar to recruits in the March cycle, and security and policing arrangements at the recruitment sites were strengthened.

The IDF explained that as part of the procedure, each recruit who arrives at a recruitment site will undergo a heat test and in-depth questioning about his health and conduct in the two weeks prior to recruitment, at the end of which he will sign a health declaration. Absorption and the chain of enlistment, in which the number of stations was reduced.


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