The abuse case in Ramla: The nursery owner’s husband was arrested for questioning


Development in the abuse case: The husband of the owner of the kindergarten in Ramla, a 42-year-old man, was arrested today (Tuesday) on suspicion of failing to report the violence against the children in the kindergarten. He will be heard in the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court. According to the suspect, the husband worked at the nursery as a partner of his wife, and assisted with maintenance matters. According to photos from the scene, he witnessed some of the abuse cases – but did not report them. This is the seventh detainee in the case.

Earlier in the morning, a justice of the peace in Rishon Lezion, Amit Michals, extended for three days the detention of Inbar Donio, 29, the fifth assistant from the toddlers’ home in Ramla. The police also attribute to Donio offenses of abusing toddlers and violent behavior towards them. It will be recalled that yesterday the court extended the detention of the four assistants from the same home as well as the detention of the owner of the home, Little Bercy, who is suspected of the same affair.

Assistants suspected of abuse – Nirit Shweed (right) and Ruhama Saad (left) (Photo: Facebook)

In the lowlands, the investigation is continuing, and the investigators estimate that this is the most serious case known in the country, both due to the number of children injured and due to the number of suspects involved in the case.

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Keren Shaul, a mother of a three-and-a-half-year-old boy who has been in kindergarten for the past three years, has recently set up a fundraising fund to combat the phenomenon and has promised that every penny left after the fight will be donated to Elam, an organization that cares for at-risk youth.

It’s been a week since you were exposed to the horror – where are you today, after the arrest of the director of the center and the fifth assistant?
“We did not expect it to deteriorate to such a place of this magnitude, and the affair is not over yet. There are three or four more assistants who have not yet been arrested, but once they arrested the homeowner, Little Bercy, and the assistant Inbar Donio, who served as an assistant in the senior class, we have good reason to assume “This is a norm that has occurred regularly in kindergarten. We are sure that even if the other caregivers did not use physical violence against our children, they knew and remained silent and therefore they are partners for us parents,” said Shaul.

“During the Corona period, my son started doing all sorts of things that did not throw suspicion at me but maybe lit a red light for criticism. We always asked questions to the kindergarten principal and always got answers but today, the picture is shocking, every day we are exposed to shocking details,” she added.

How do you feel your child was beaten?
“Donio was my child’s caregiver all the time hugging and kissing him. Every day when I pick him up at home she would ask me to bring her home. For me it doesn’t matter if she hit my son or not, we know she hit kids and it’s really sickening.”

Keren Shaul - one of the mothers from the daycare center (Photo: Private)Keren Shaul – one of the mothers from the daycare center (Photo: Private)

And what do the parents intend to do?
“Right now we are fighting to prevent this from happening again. We want the government to understand that these children must be looked at in the eye and understood that they are not transparent. A mother who brings a child never gives birth to him at the age of three and only then does the state seem to treat him. “There will be cameras, there will be a parent patrol, every day there will be a parent who will be present at the kindergarten for a fee from the state. It is not possible to expect a mother to go to work and she will leave her children in such hands. Besides, we demand tougher punishment.”

Are you up to date on the investigation?
“From the police we know that there has been no case of this magnitude in the State of Israel both in terms of the number of casualties and in terms of the number of victims. There are 46 children in three age groups as well as infants, toddlers and adults and all victims of violence and abuse.”

What is your message?
“We started a mass recruitment campaign, we added a lawyer who is an expert in the field. The whole process is very expensive, especially for our psyche but no less for our pocket, and we feel obligated to do so. We promise that every shekel left after the fight in our fund will be transferred to Elam.

Finally, she noted that “from the police we know that there has been no case of this magnitude in the State of Israel both in terms of the number of victims and the number of victims. There are 46 children in three age groups, including infants, toddlers and adults – all victims of violence and abuse.”

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