The abuse case in a kindergarten in Ramla: One of the aides cooperates with the police


The case of abuse in a kindergarten in Ramla: At this time (Thursday), a hearing was held in the Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion on the police’s request to extend the detention of those involved in violence against the children in the kindergarten. So far, the detention of seven of the suspects, including the garden owner and her partner, has been extended until Monday. During the hearing, a confrontation was avoided inside the courtroom, when a relative of one of the aides approached the parents, but was stopped by the court guard. In another case, a relative of an assistant stepped towards the parents: “You are slandering her.”

Judge Zohar Divon Segal says that “the evidence shows that it is an ongoing and systematic violence in front of the workers. The multiplicity of cases and those involved indicate the danger of the suspects. The judge added and stunned those present in the courtroom, saying that” there are hundreds of videos, this is an exceptional case and the police must exhaust the investigation. ” .

In light of the evidence based on the case, the extensions of detention that the court approves for the police and the fact that there is a development in the case almost daily, it appears that at least one of the aides is cooperating with investigators and is likely to sign a state witness agreement in the shocking case.

Outside the walls of the court are the parents of the children who cannot go inside due to the limitations of the corona, and are fed on what happens from information that comes between the hearings. Keren Shaul, a mother of a child in kindergarten, said: “Every moment the development of the investigation is recorded. Things are not surprising anymore. This is a criminal organization.”

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Advocate Adi Carmeli, representing the parents, is trying to persuade the court to publish the videos from the kindergarten, in order to illustrate the severity of the abuse that took place in it.

Parents of children in kindergarten in Ramla protest outside Magistrate’s Court in Rishon LeZion (Photo: courtesy of the parents)

Police suspect that the kindergarten staff deleted a significant portion of the videos and thus effectively disrupted an investigation. As you may recall, the entire affair was exposed after the kindergarten owner approached one of the parents and asked him to help install cameras after the previous ones were stolen. After several weeks, he watched what was happening on the spot using his cell phone. The first play he saw terrified him, and he decided to call all the parents to the kindergarten and together they filed a complaint with the police, which led to the exposure of an abuse case of the serious and perhaps the most serious, both due to the number of victims – 46 children – and 9 aides, the kindergarten owner And her partner.

This morning, a 27-year-old kindergarten teacher was released under five-day house arrest after being questioned during the night. The police attribute to the teacher a suspicion of the offense of failure to report, claiming that she saw the abuse of the aides in the children and did not report to either the parents or the police, thus ostensibly allowing the babies to continue.

The Central District Court in Lod yesterday rejected the appeal filed by Inbar Donio, 29, one of the aides who was arrested and ordered that she be kept in custody to this day. Tomorrow morning, the police intend to bring her to court once again and request an extension of her detention.

Through her attorney Adv. Ofer Rasho, the assistant who was arrested on Monday evening asked to be released under house arrest, but, as stated, at the end of the hearing, the court decided that it could not change the decision of the Justice of the Peace in Rishon Lezion Days.


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