The 70-year-old was detained for questioning and released on parole on suspicion of inciting violence against Netanyahu


The cyber unit at Blade 433 yesterday detained a suspect in his 70s, on suspicion of inciting violence against the prime minister, after his investigation was approved by the deputy state’s attorney for special positions.

The police investigation reveals that the suspect posted on one of the social networks content that amounts to incitement to violence and calls on the public to harm the prime minister. Following his remarks he was questioned with a warning and at the end of his interrogation was released on parole. The investigation file will be transferred in the coming days to the cyber department of the State Attorney’s Office for review and decision.

Earlier today, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court sent for the examination of a 50-year-old man who was arrested this morning (Monday), when he arrived in the area of ​​Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, and began chanting “Death to Bibi,” “Death to Sarah” and “Death to Yair.” The center’s security guards detained him until the police arrived, and he was arrested on suspicion of incitement.

Last week, another suspect who came to the vicinity of the Balfour protest tent camp, who is armed with razor blades and a plastic pistol, was arrested and announced that he intended to harm the USSR and his family. This suspect was also sent for a lookout.

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