The 4 best iOS apps in the App Store from week 31 – 2020


The new week is just around the corner, but before that happens, we look back on the last seven days. The editors of iPhoned has listed the best iOS apps, games and updates from last week.

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The 4 best iOS apps of last week

The App Store runs overtime every week. New apps, updates for existing programs and games are being added all the time. You probably won’t notice this, because the bulk is not worth downloading. That is why iPhoned separates the wheat from the chaff every Sunday. These are the best iOS apps, updates and games this week.

1. Spotify

Do you want to listen to the same music with a colleague while working from home? Which can! That is, if you both have Spotify. The music service has expanded group sessions, a feature announced a few months ago. From now on you can also listen to the same playlist together with others.

You need a minimum of two and a maximum of five others for this. While listening, tap the Connect icon (recognizable by the speaker) and scroll down. Then tap ‘Start a group session’ and share the link with your colleagues, family and / or friends.

Spotify - Music and podcasts

Spotify – Music and podcasts

Spotify Ltd.

2. Attack 1942

Attentat 1942 is a unique game in which survivors tell you about the Second World War through their personal stories. The game is historically correct and tells the true story of a grandson trying to find out why his grandfather was arrested by the Gestapo.

The game alternates gameplay, which mainly consists of puzzling and following the story, with cinematic interviews. The makers have also added historical images. Attentat 1942 is set in 1942 Czechoslovakia, just after Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich was killed. The game has won several prizes and is very rewarding.

Attack 1942

Attack 1942

Charles Games s.r.o.

3. Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft has released an iOS app that keeps families safe (online). Family Safety allows parents to set filters, among other things, that prevent children from simply accessing websites with potentially inappropriate content. And are your little ones trying to download something that can’t get through? Then you will receive a notification of this.

Furthermore, Microsoft Family Safety is a competitor for Apple Screen Time. With Microsoft’s alternative, it is also possible to keep track of how many hours a day you (and your family) gaze at screens. A unique asset of Family Safety is that the app also keeps track of how long children spend behind their Xbox.

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Corporation

4. Boxing Manager

Are you crazy about boxing and a good coach? Then you should try Boxing Manager. This game is best comparable to Football Manager, but for boxing. The aim of the game is to train your fighters, make them win competitions and expand your gym.

Before that is the case, you need to invest blood, sweat and tears to make your fighters appear in the ring as best as possible. You can engage the help of (specialized) trainers, create training schedules and work on competition tactics together. In the meantime, you should also pay attention to the financial management of your gym.

Boxing Manager

Boxing Manager

Sport and Financial Limited


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