The 4 best Android apps in the Play Store from week 31 – 2020


New apps are continuously added to the Play. Store Most aren’t worth trying, however. In this weekly overview, we therefore collect the best Android apps, updates and games for you.

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1. Spotify

Do you want to listen to the same music with a colleague while working from home? That is now possible at Spotify. The streaming service has expanded its ‘group sessions’. First you had to be around to listen to the same music together, but now you can do it remotely.

You need a minimum of two and a maximum of five people for a musical party. Once you have opened the app, tap the Connect icon (a screen with speaker) in the playback menu, scroll down and choose ‘Start a group session’. Then share the invitation link with your colleagues, family or friends.

→ Download Spotify in de Play Store (gratis)

2. Armoni Launcher

Do you have an Android phone, but do you think iOS 14 looks great? Then with Armoni Launcher you can put the iPhone software update of 2020 on your Android smartphone. The launcher ensures that the design of the operating system almost 1-on-1 matches that of Apple.

Armoni Launcher Best Android apps of the week

Among other things, the icons, app folders and widgets will look different from now on. In addition, Armoni Launcher ensures that, for example, the battery indicator and dark mode of iOS 14 are added to your phone. The app does have some minor flaws here and there that you should look through.

Download Armoni Launcher in de Play Store (0,59 euro)

3. Super Clone

Super Clone is a chaotic 3D shooting game for in between. You experience the game from a helicopter perspective and all you have to do is move in the right direction and avoid attacks from enemies: aim and shoot the character automatically.

The game is free to play, but in-app purchases make your character more powerful. Those who prefer to keep their hands on the cut should especially play a lot to upgrade their character. Super Clone is set in a colorful, punk-like world and is especially fun for a while.

→ Download Super Clone in de Play Store (gratis)

4. Leavemark

Done with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok? Leavemark is a cross between a cloud storage service and a social media platform. The app was created with the idea that you initially want to store files, photos and documents securely, and then possibly share them with family and friends.

Leavemark does not display advertisements and promises not to trade your privacy and personal data. As with other social media, you have a timeline with updates, you can add friends and send messages to each other. Leavemark will probably get a lot of work to compete with established parties, but you may find it an interesting concept.

→ Download Leavemark in de Play Store (gratis)


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