Thai police admit to surrendering to the monkeys’ takeover of the city


Sex-hungry macaque monkeys continue to wreak havoc on the streets of the city of Loop Bury as police admit they are unable to control them. The monkeys that took over the city after the tourists stopped coming, feed mainly on junk food and “eat to death” with their bodies piled up in the cinema complex that has become their new base.

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Monkeys living in the town of Loop Buri, north of Bangkok, have been documented arguing over bananas and attacking humans for lack of food (edited by Tal Reznik)

It happened: last March we reported to you about nervous monkeys that have started attacking a major city in Thailand and we were afraid that the fictional scenario of “Star of the Apes” would come true. Last week police admitted: “We are helpless. The monkeys have won.”

The hysteria began with the outbreak of the corona virus in Thailand. Residents of Loop Buri, north of Bangkok, were left frightened as hundreds of nervous monkeys began taking over the streets, raging and looting shopping malls. The monkeys were not infected with the virus, but simply remained hungry after the tourists – who used to feed them on a regular basis – stopped arriving following the closure of the sky. Tourists were the monkeys’ main source of food and as the number of tourists in the city dropped by 44 percent, the monkeys were forced to invade the city center and search for food themselves. They have often been documented attacking pieces of food in the city and frightening the locals.

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Corona virus in Thailand: Monkeys living in the town of Loop Buri, north of Bangkok, have been documented arguing over bananas and attacking humans for lack of food (Photo: Reuters)

Now, after long weeks of struggle, police admit they have surrendered to the monkeys. Police Officer Nirad Polanjon told the Deccan Herald that the attempt to keep large groups of primates away is “hopeless”. The officer said he was forced to use his pistol in the air to flee one of the large groups of cockroaches, but they returned to the scene within minutes and did not give up. He said: “In the blink of an eye there are more and more monkeys. So many babies. You can’t control them.” The primates were fortified in an abandoned cinema in the city where they also leave the remains of their dead loved ones. According to reports, anyone trying to enter the compound is brutally attacked.

Two monkeys (macaque species), after spaying, following their culture in Lopburi, Thailand (Supplier: Reuters)

Last month the monkey population in the city was spayed by the Thai authorities in order to take control of their culture, but the primates continued to rage in the city and their numbers only grew as the shortage of tourists continued to yield devastating results.

Before the outbreak of the corona virus, humans and monkeys used to live side by side peacefully, but now locals have realized that they will have to feed the monkeys instead of the tourists to calm them down. It no longer helped and the lives of the residents of Loop Buri became unbearably difficult. The monkeys’ new diet, full of sugars and carbohydrates, only made the situation worse – many believe that this diet full of sugar turned the monkeys into sex appetites and therefore they multiply in a larger-than-usual fat. Due to excessive eating of junk food, urban monkeys weakened and many began to suffer from blood diseases and hypertension. The director of the regional office of the Department of Wildlife Conservation responded: “The monkeys are never seventy, just like children who eat too much KFC.”

Corona effect: Monkeys take over the streets of Thailand (screenshot, YouTube)

Many locals are forced to fortify their homes as the monkeys take over the streets. One local told the Daily Mail that it feels like being in jail: “Today we live in a cage and the animals roam the streets freely.” Although the monkeys are in a significant minority (750,000 citizens versus 6,000 monkeys), city residents testify that they are afraid to take to the streets and that certain areas of the city have been declared areas that should not be walked around because they are under monkey control.

This is what life is like in the city of Loop Buri under your control the monkeys


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