Testing and amputation – within 36 hours


The “Alon” headquarters for the fight against the corona virus began operating today (Tuesday) at the Home Front Command headquarters in Ramla, and within a few days it will deploy at least 2,000 soldiers to help the epidemiological tests and investigations operate quickly and efficiently. The Home Front Command’s goal is to shorten the inspection procedure and interrupt the infection from five days to a day and a half.

The mission headquarters, whose chosen name is “Alon”, will be commanded by Brigadier General Nissan Davidi, who recently retired from his position as head of the logistics division at ATL and previously served as the Home Front Command’s logistics officer.

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Home Front Command Squadron to deal with the corona Photo: IDF Spokesman

The headquarters will work together with the national corona projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, and under the policy and supervision of the Ministry of Health – after this was agreed between Gamzo and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz in a discussion between the two about a week and a half ago.

The commander of the Home Front Command, Major General Uri Gordin, said in an interview with reporters in the afternoon: “We defined for ourselves that the citizen’s examination procedure for Corona, his isolation, the answer to the examination and his epidemiological interrogation if positive “.

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz visiting Ham"To Defense Minister Bnei Gantz visiting the Knesset Photo: IDF Spokesman

Gordin added: “We have learned from countries like Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea how to operate. In a short time we will have about 2,000 people who will take samples, move them and operate in the array missions.”
Benjamin Netanyahu on a patrol at the Home Front Command in Ramla

The thousands of soldiers who will work under the formation will arrive in immediate recruitment, from the IDF’s rear training unit, “Magal,” along with lieutenants who are supposed to serve as reservists. In addition, reservists will be absorbed into the headquarters – also with the aim of strengthening civilians whose work has been stopped and will now be employed as reservists by the state.

 Photo: IDF Spokesman

The epidemiological investigation system will be operated on two different levels: a central police station at the Home Front Command base that will be staffed next week by 300 uniformed interrogators, as well as local authorities’ municipal centers, to strengthen the connection and “local language” in cities and localities, with Home Front Command representatives.

General Gordin explained that “to this day, the local authorities have not been sufficiently involved in the fight against Corona, and now that will change. The municipal interrogation centers and the IDF center will be closely monitored by the Ministry of Health.”

Alon Headquarters will have a unified digital system under the joint development of Unit 8200 of the IDF and the IDF’s Information Technology Division, to centralize all data from the HMOs, MDA and the Ministry of Health, and for rapid command and control to combat the epidemic.

This system will send to every citizen who is tested in Corona or found positive for the virus immediate updates to his mobile phone on the location of his sample in the test procedure, and if positive – he will be sent, along with the result, a basic epidemiological questionnaire form to expedite the questioning process.

“Just as a citizen orders a shipment from Amazon and monitors his package at any given moment, so it will be with the testing and sampling procedure, down to the last step – getting out of isolation and getting back to routine,” General Gordin added. “We need to increase transparency vis-à-vis the citizen in order to harness him, and this is done through an updated and clear picture of the public and more effective publicity.”

General Gordin noted that the IDF headquarters’ activity and strong foothold against the epidemic would not lead to an eradication immediately: “It will not happen tomorrow morning, but we want to reach winter with 3% positive of all respondents and not about 8% as there is today. Only in this way will we control the plague. ”

The commander of the Home Front Command did not specify the cost of establishing the headquarters and operations later, but said that “this operation costs money but will save a lot for the economy that can function and operate. All medical information about civilians will not be stored or written on military computers or servers. The Ministry of Health. The Chief of Staff gave us emphasis and we will stand by it: to maintain the privacy of the individual with zeal and extreme care under a variety of restrictions set. “


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