Tested: smart keyboards for the iPad


We previously tested the Logitech Slim Folio: a keyboard that had to compete with the original from Apple and partly won from it. Your iPad became a bit clunky, but good typing did.

Now there are two more extreme versions, in two different ways. The Rugged Folio (for iPad from the 7th generation) is built to survive an earthquake, relational dispute or bank lovemaking. The Combo Touch is lighter and less sturdy. Both offer you a keyboard for your iPad. Unlike the Slim Folio, they are not connected with Bluetooth, but via the magnetic connector on the side of the device.

Not subtle

I only recommend the Rugged Folio if you need the extra protection, because it makes your sleek iPad a clumsy thing. Although it meets military requirements for fall protection, the keyboard can handle a glass of water and you can hit someone’s brain with it, it is no longer subtle.

But it works smoothly. With the fold-out position you can place it particularly firmly and the keyboard can also be easily folded on the back. Typing goes smoothly and with the shortcuts at the top you suddenly no longer need the touch control. That much protection costs you 140 euros.

Met trackpad

The Combo Touch is slightly more expensive, but this unit can really compete with the Apple original. For 150 euros you have an illuminated keyboard that can also be clicked via the Smart Connector on your iPad and that does not make your iPad much thicker. But the pi├Ęce de resistance is the trackpad. Suddenly you have a laptop with a pointer on the screen.

Compared to the Slim Folio and the Rugged Folio, you can also easily remove the keyboard with the Combo Touch, so that you take little extra weight with you.

If you are not chunky or working in the offshore, we recommend the Combo Touch as the finest external keyboard for your iPad at the moment. Unlike the Rugged Folio, it is available for multiple types, including the regular iPad, the Air and the 10.5 inch Pro. Please note that your iPad has had the latest update, because for me the keyboard only worked after an update.


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