Tested: corona bracelet to keep distance from Antwerp IT … (Antwerp)


A device hangs on the chest that starts to beep when colleagues get too close. — ©  rr


As long as there is no corona vaccine, keeping a distance of a meter and a half remains important. VIL, the knowledge center for logistics, tested bracelets that warn when people in the workplace get too close. The bracelet of the Antwerp IT company Rombit scored the best.

Knowledge center VIL sent test kits with five home-grown wearables to 230 companies, to see if they help to keep their distance. These devices work with UWB radio waves and vibrate, light up or make noise when someone comes closer than five feet.

The trackers work, especially when employees see each other face to face. This is stated in the press release from VIL: “The devices are not ideal for operators to work side by side and are not suitable for work involving back to back work. In such circumstances, the measurement is partially or completely blocked by the body of one or both persons. Overall, the trackers are rated positively, with Rombit in pole position. There is a fairly high willingness, depending on the price, to use the devices in daily activities. ”

High demand from United States

CEO of Rombit John Baekelmans says he is very satisfied with the result. “The feedback from the participating companies is very helpful. We take that to heart. The demand for our Romware Radius bracelet from home and abroad remains enormous. Things are going fast in the United States in particular. The government takes few measures, so that the business world takes the initiative, ”he adds. (cm)


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