Test Purchase: “Retail prices have not fallen since lockdown, some products up to 10 percent”


“Since the beginning of March, we have been investigating the price evolution for 267 products in 9 supermarket chains. According to our latest research results, it is still more expensive to fill your shopping basket at most stores compared to the beginning of March”, says Simon November of consumer organization Test Achats.

“Even when promotions and discounts are taken into account, Colruyt and Collect & Go, for example, are still respectively more than 5% and 4% more expensive than at the beginning of March. At Carrefour Hyper and Albert Heijn the price increase is slightly more moderate with a respective increase of almost 3%. % and 2%. ”

For some branded products, such as Coca-Cola, prices at Colruyt and Collect & Go increased by 12% and 10%. “Discounts were briefly banned by the government during the lockdown to prevent hoarding,” said November. “But once those promotions were allowed again, prices were expected to fall. And that didn’t happen.”

“The financial consequences of the corona crisis are starting to be felt for more and more families”, says Test Achats.


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