Terror – ” ‘young people’ ” beach are ‘North African criminals’, Flemish media blame the sea


Looking away, always +1. So if North African scum completely terrorizes the Flemish beach of Blankenberge, it will be covered up for as long as possible. The Flemish public broadcaster even states that the aggression of the light-skinned youngsters is to blame for * while working *.

The sea! The moon! The tides! That damned aggressive water! Make up an explanation, as long as we don’t have to conclude that the beach is being terrorized by criminals from North Africa.

But now Het Nieuwsblad suddenly breaks the silence:

The police, who injured nine officers, were able to arrest twenty men. In all cases, these are people from Brussels between 17 and 21 years old, often with North African roots. “Almost all of them have a laundry list of criminal offenses,” said the city of Blankenberge. According to our sources, they are known in Brussels for facts such as violence, assault and battery, libel, vandalism and armed rebellion.

OEI! Finally the truth is being spoken. About something that has been festering for some time, because the Belgian police have also called to finally look away less. Political correctness DEMOLDS emergency services.

“Our police officers are being taunted, pelted and attacked by young people who are only out to cause trouble. They testify to a total lack of respect for the norms and values ​​in our constitutional state, ”said police union NSPV about the events in Blankenberge on Saturday. VSOA makes a new call for zero tolerance for violence against police and aid workers. That zero tolerance must be included in the coalition agreement, they say. 20 people were arrested yesterday. They were all part of an African youth gang from Brussels and were known to the courts.

“The good citizen has been harassed for quite some time, the corona rules were ignored and these ‘young people’ also tried to conquer the beach (and other recreational areas) – such as in the problem areas of certain cities, ‘it sounds. The union wants “these ‘young people’” to finally be named by “politicians”.

Well, media & politics, it is high time to clear these unwelcome opinions from the police.

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