Tensions in the north: The IDF removed some of the checkpoints


Against the background of tensions on the border with Lebanon, and after assessing the situation in the Northern Command, the IDF today (Monday) removed some of the restrictions on traffic to military vehicles and removed some of the checkpoints in the border area. .

The IDF stressed that the movement of civilian vehicles continues to be free, as it was, and that there is no restriction on civilian space. Attributed to Israel.

As you may recall, on the night between Thursday and Friday, IDF fighters located a skimmer that penetrated the territory of the State of Israel in the Hermon area, in the border area with Lebanon. The skimmer was under surveillance and was shot down by an IDF force. The IDF spokesman said that the army “is in high readiness in the northern arena and will not allow any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

At the beginning of last week, an IDF force thwarted an attempt by a squad of terrorists to place explosives on the Syrian-Israeli border. The Air Force fired in parallel at the squad, which numbered four terrorists, and hit them. In response to the incident, the IAF attacked Syrian army targets in southern Syria. The targets attacked included observation posts and means of gathering intelligence, anti-aircraft guns and means of command and control at Syrian army bases.


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