Tens of thousands of tests a day: the only one that will interrupt the chain of infection


The IDF’s Alon ‘headquarters, which will operate against the Corona, under the command of Brigadier General Nissan Davidi, has begun operations and will operate in accordance with the decisions of the Corona Cabinet. The mission headquarters includes four main areas under its responsibility.

The first is a sampling center in which the defense system will purchase robots for corona testing, and as early as next month the ability to test samples will gradually increase from 20,000 to 60,000 per day, in order to get answers within 24 hours of contact.

It was also decided to set up a “Corona Patrol” with the help of the Technology and Logistics Division (ATL) that will include savannah vehicles and trucks with equipment containers, which will arrive in the red cities to shorten the duration of the test. Only the next day, and it may meanwhile expose others to the virus.This process will optimize the duration of the test and reduce infections in the street and at the checkout.

The second center of activity is the investigations. Today, the response to the citizen from the moment of application until the answer and transfer to the place of isolation, is given on average after four to five days have passed. The goal set for the headquarters is to reach a range of one to two days. To this end, 400 “selectors” from Ben Gurion Airport were integrated into the Home Front Command’s call center, who will be included in the epidemiological investigation, and another 1,500 regular and regular soldiers.


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