Ten Hag rejects Ajax goal and corrects complaining players


A striking moment during the first training of Ajax. Trainer Erik Ten Hag, who served as a referee for a while, rejected a goal because of offside, but some players did not agree. The Ajax coach tries to teach them that a referee’s decision must always be accepted.

Noa Lang thought to score a goal, but Ten Hag put a stop to that. It caused some discussion on the field. Ten Hag eventually decided to interfere because the discussion was taking too long. “That’s good. They are winners, so they do everything they can to influence it,” said Ten Hag in front of FOX Sports’ camera. “Then we have to push the boundaries, because we want to get better. You can only do that by pushing the boundaries.”

Ten Hag let it go first, but decided to say something about it. “If there is more talk than football, it is time to intervene. I prefer that they solve it themselves first. During the match I cannot intervene and they have to solve it themselves.”

“I expect my team to be resilient. You try to explain how to anticipate a questionable decision by the referee or a negative comment from a fellow player,” says Ten Hag. “You have to continue as a team. You have to accept the negative decision and move on.”

The players of the losing team had to push up for punishment. “The point is that they get results. They have lost, but because of a mental weakness.”


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