‘Temptation’-Yasmine beaten up mercilessly: “A man who beats a woman is not a man”


Instagram Stories / @yasminepierards

Yasmine Pierards, who entered ‘Temptation Island as a seductress in 2018, has been hospitalized by a man at a party in her apartment. “Further steps will be taken”, it sounds.

The 23-year-old ‘Temptation’ seductress held a small party at her apartment on Sunday evening. When the Limburg brunette sent everyone home, it was not to the liking of one of the guests, who then beat her up. “Last night, after a stupid little after-party in my apartment, I got beat up because I sent everyone home and didn’t want one person to go home. I’ve been thinking a long time about whether or not to post this, but since I always have my reality shows, I want to warn you about such devilish people. A man who can beat up a woman like that is not a man and never will be a man. I still respect the privacy of this person at the moment, but further steps will be taken ”, she writes on Instagram.

Nose job

Pierards warns others not to blindly trust just anyone. “Don’t be as stupid and naive as me and don’t trust just anyone. By the way, my nose is broken, so soon I will need another rhinoplasty and don’t talk about the rest of my face ”, she concludes.

Instagram Stories / @yasminepierards
Instagram Stories / @yasminepierards


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