Telenet does not (yet) have a deal on Belgian football


For the time being, Telenet has not been able to reach an agreement with Eleven Sports about the broadcast of the Jupiler Pro League.

For that reason, the telecom group will offer a discount of 10 euros per month from next week on all current and new Play Sports subscriptions. Telenet has 180,000 football subscribers through Play Sports. With this, the operator claims to reimburse the price that Eleven asks for its streaming service with Belgian football.

The discount applies as long as no agreement is reached with Eleven Sport, which owns the rights to broadcast the matches of the Jupiler Pro League. Negotiations on broadcasting rights continue.

Telenet does not necessarily need football. Past seasons have shown that ‘the most important game in the world’ costs much more than it delivers, which also applies to Telenet’s rights to foreign competitions such as the Premier League. But if one operator shows the matches, the others cannot be left behind.

Telenet does not necessarily need Belgian football. It costs more than it delivers. But if one operator shows the matches, the others cannot be left behind.

The competitors Orange Belgium and Proximus have already reached a deal with Eleven Sports and are including Belgian football for the next five seasons in their offer. For its part, the bank and insurer KBC will show all goals and highlights of the Jupiler Pro League over the next five seasons via mobile clips.

It is not known how much the telecom operators pay for the broadcasting rights. In recent seasons, Telenet and Proximus paid the majority of the 80 million euros that flowed to the football clubs every year. The new football contract was cut off by Eleven. The income for the Belgian clubs will increase from 95 million euros for the coming season to 103 million in the last contract year.

Five years

Eleven Sports has a five-year deal with Belgian football. The company also signed a deal with competitor Mediapro, which will be responsible for the production and recording of our football. That is a bad sign for Woestijnvis, the production house in the Telenet shed that has been responsible for the production in recent years and will now only be responsible for part of it.

In addition, Mediapro will use its international network to sell Belgian rights abroad. In the previous contract, that was good for a few million a year.

The Belgian football competition starts on Saturday evening with the Club Brugge-Charleroi match.


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