TechPoll: Waze is the most popular navigation app


Our weekly poll was filled in en masse this week. You voted Waze the best navigation app by far.

If we have to go somewhere but we don’t know the way, it is useful to have someone to show you the way. Asking for instructions from passers-by who then give you the most unclear route description, fortunately, that is long gone. Nowadays there are many navigation applications that you can just download and show you the shortest way from point A to point B. Suitable for journeys on foot, by bicycle, car or to find timetables for public transport.

But which application shows us the way now? That question was the topic of our TechPoll for this week. It soon became clear to us that our readers frequently use navigation apps. More than a thousand readers filled the poll, a preliminary record for TechPoll! But which app came out as the winner?

Avoid traffic jams with Waze

It immediately turned into a conflict between Waze and Google Maps. While Google Maps undoubtedly has the bigger name, it was Waze that won that battle by distance. 48% of respondents said they prefer Waze, compared to 33% who prefer Google Maps. Waze also does a lot more than just showing the right way, it always shows us the fastest way. The cards have the most up-to-date information, for which the app also relies heavily on its own user base. Traffic jam on the way? Then Waze will show you how to prevent it. That Waze trumps Google Maps, Google will still be able to live with that. Google bought the app in 2013 for a hefty $ 1.1 billion, and both applications have since become highly integrated. Waze is the only other navigation app outside of Google Maps to be used in Android Auto. About a quarter of a million Belgians would use the application.

The ‘Other’ category was already well behind at 13%. Some apps that you can place in this are Sygic, HERE We Go and the mobile app of GPS developer TomTom. Flitsmeister received 5% of the votes, but the Dutch-made app can still knock itself on the chest for that. The handy thing about Flitsmeister is that the app notifies us about speed cameras. Fines for speeding are a thing of the past with this app. Apple doesn’t really come out well in this poll. Their navigation app Apple Maps is preferred by only 1% of the respondents. It may be the default navigation app in iOS, but iPhone owners prefer to download Waze from the App Store.

A visual representation of the results.


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