Tears: The story of the life of the late R. Eliezer Freund


a a A Last week (Tuesday), a large crowd, including rabbis of Torah and piety, accompanied Rabbi Eliezer Freund, who set times for Torah and dealt with public needs in faith, and is one of the founders of the Agudat Reim seminary in Bnei Brak. 96 and buried in the house of life in Petah Tikva.

From its history

Rabbi Eliezer ztl was the fifth generation of the genius of the Rabbi Assad ztzokl of the Yehuda Ya’ala Responsa, and one of the prominent leaders of Hungarian Jewry after the death of Marna the Hatas.

He was born in 1904 in the village of Nag Shallo in Hungary to his father, Rabbi Hezekiah Feibel, who was a student of Mira Daraa Disrael from Rabbi Dushinsky, during his tenure as Rabbi and Rabbi in the city of Galanta.

In this village lie the ancestors of the Freund family, who were extremely wise students, following the economic crisis created after the First World War, the family members moved to the village of “Tornali” in Hungary.

His late father was an extremely wise student and served as a shuv and expert mohel as well as beating Torah for the young of the flock. All his days Pumia did not stop from version – and to his descendants he instilled the love of the Torah and educated them to the grammar of Halacha and the love of kindness.

While studying

The deceased later said that he remembered as a child after moving to live in the town of Turnley, that one of the cold winter nights while he sat and studied very carefully, he had to read the words of the Ritba and did not have the book at home and considered who could be awake at such an hour. Later, he and his son turned when a blizzard raged on the street towards the house of one of the sages’ students in the city, the late Rabbi Shmuel David Reinitz and knocked on his door.

Rabbi Shmuel David was surprised to see him at the door of his house at such an hour and during a blizzard, but when he heard that he had all his request to read the words of the Ritba, Rabbi Hezekiah Feibel ztl. Rabbi Shmuel David himself was sitting at the time on a wide board wrapped in a thick blanket of lack of money to buy wood for heating his house and pondered the Torah.

After the destruction of European Jewry when the late Rabbi Eliezer, who was left alone with his family, immigrated to Eretz Yisrael, he entered the residence of Rabbi Dushinsky, who was asked for his name, and when he told him that he was the son of Rabbi Hezekiah Feibel, he replied: He was one of the best guys in the yeshiva in Galanta. “

When he entered the yoke of Torah and mitzvah he was exiled to the place of Torah and one day fell ill and reached almost the gates of death, but nevertheless gave his soul not to indulge in forbidden foods while hospitalized and revived his body only in food brought to him by his friends and relatives.

At the Western Wall

At the Western Wall

After a while, he was sent by his father to study in the city of Elshe Yarmut at the yeshiva of the Tzaddik Gaon Rabbi Chaim Aharon David Deitch, the late 14th Avdak and head of the yeshiva in the city of Elsha Yarmut, David, who was one of the students of the Hatas Zia.

This rabbi, was the son-in-law of the Minister of Torah and one of the greats of the same generation, the great genius Rabbi Yeshaya Zilberstein Zatzokal Gavd Wittzen.

It is interesting to note what was the story of the old Rabbi Eliezer David Friedman, who left for Bi’a about two weeks ago, in the name of those who got to know and see the Gerahad Deitch, that “the immense grace that was cast over his sanctuary that attracted all his followers “.

Together with him, he studied at the yeshiva at that time as Rabbi Avloi Zatzokal, as Minister of Laser, as his acquaintances called him, he recounted his youth, later the “Erloyer Rabbi” Zatzokal wrote about this rabbi: “I have no power to appreciate the The greatness of man in the giants is even a little tiny both his greatness in the Torah revealed and hidden and his righteousness and humility and behavior in holiness and purity and his sublime virtues which was a miracle but this my soul knows that all the great and righteous of the generation answered after him holy and holy. His high yeshiva was his reasoning with him that he wanted me to study with Rabbi Miarmot since he is a righteous man … “.

The move to Hungary

Over the years, his late father moved to Budapest and was the right hand of Rabbi Yehonatan Steif, who served as rabbi of the city in those days, and at the request of his rabbi, Rabbi Eliezer, went out to assist the community in the mitzvah of the funeral. And was one of the MKs in the city.

With the accession of Hungary to the evil axis of the Nazi oppressor in the destruction and extermination of European Jewry, the late Rabbi Eliezer drank the cup of poison for several years in which he went through severe agony.

But in spite of this he himself fulfills the saying ‘all this came with us and your name we have not forgotten’ in his morality to keep as much as possible the commandment D. Whether it was in hard labor in the various labor camps in which he stayed and whether during the retreat of the Nazis in Judea and Samaria.

Another story was about the shaving, he later said “the Germans decided that all prisoners must shave, I of course never passed a razor, and on Monday I went through the war without failing, and yet since we had to shave, we used what was, how he got there Some burning substance called lysol, it is a pungent substance that has a terrible odor and multiple burns.

Because there was little material, we used the same material together, one put the lysol on the face, the other scratched from it and put on himself and so on, the lysol went through several “old men”. “Everyone, of course, came out with burns on their faces, but without fear of a ban.”

Keeping the tefillin

R. Lazer kept the tefillin for all those years, they were close to his body, when not a day goes by without laying down, “The coat was stolen from me in one of the shakes, but no one could touch the tefillin, they were on my body, close to my chest,” on Your heart, “all the time, and” I put them down every day, even in difficult situations! “

What is interesting is that after the war, when R. Lazer boarded an illegal immigrant ship to Israel, the tefillin fell into the sea water, while the group of illegal immigrants got off the ship to the boat that was supposed to take them to shore, even then he jumped into the water to save the tefillin. today also”.

In his house

In his house

He also gave his life along with others to pray in public on Yom Kippur night in the camp where he was staying, following which the guards broke into the block where they were staying and beat the participants to death, as he himself immediately jumped to the top bunk and escaped the killers.

The terrible days in the camps

He later recounted the ‘terrible days’ that he went through in the month of Tishrei 5755 and were etched in his heart all the days, when during the retreat of the Germans he saw eye to eye the fourth hand that watched over him and saved him many times from death, delivering souls to the grave of Israel. ,

When he spoke of believing in Gd he would describe the days in the corn fields as when a battle took place over his head between Russian “Rata” planes and a German convoy, “there was a rain of bullets,” he described, the same period.

At the end of the war, he arrived after many upheavals in the Romanian city of Arad, where it was announced that apart from him, two more brothers from his entire extended family, who had been raised at the stake in Auschwitz, remained.

He later described those moments after the German withdrawal “we moved from place to place, after months of not seeing a Jewish child, or a form of normal community, I met someone who met me and told me” it is better to go to Romania, where Jews remain. “

We kept walking, walking. One day a Russian truck passed us, I asked if it was possible to join, “Where” the Russian was interested, “I want to get to Romania, Arad or Tamswar” I said, I wanted to get to an area where there are Jews, , He took me down and told me “this is Arad”!

“You understand that” here “it was about like Holon is near Bnei Brak …” laughs R. Eliezer, “I walked for a few hours in the direction, I started asking passers-by, where is” Arad “, and they said” Oh, you are looking The “Jido”, the synagogue of the Jews … “.

The ‘facilitator’ after the Holocaust

I arrived after three hours, I went in and I see that they are waiting for a facilitator .. It was the first time after so many months, I was waiting for Minyan, and suddenly I see my friend named Schwartz, brother of “David Leib” ztl, he tells me “laser, What are you doing here, you live? “I told him” I’m coming back from the ‘pit’ camp “and he says,” Well, it’s already after the slaughter … “

“Say” I asked Schwartz, do you have some bread?
“What’s the problem?” He answers, and tells me “Kim Aher” – came here, my friend, went to a local Jew, and told him “there is a refugee here, bring him something to eat, bread and soup.”

It was the first time in a long time that I sat down to eat something in a normal way, “We will make sure you sleep too” My friend told me, he went to one of the resonators in the city, and said to him: “There is a new refugee here, you have to take care of him.”

The local Jew welcomed me, and said, “Come and sleep with me,” I arrived, and he said to me, “But before that, I made you hot water, so that you could bathe.” For almost a year I did not know what it meant to bathe in hot water.

When I came out of the shower I had a surprise, “new”, normal clothes were waiting for me, can you describe what I would look like, after eight months in which I was with the same clothes and went through all the hardships …. “.

The connection with the Mahara from Belza

After various hardships, the deceased immigrated to Israel illegally and was apprehended by the English authorities and imprisoned in Atlit.

Here in the United States he began to physically toil in hardship work, in order to support himself and his brother, setting times for the Torah, and he took care of his brother and only after he had achieved their climax did he also vacate to establish his home.

After marrying his brother, he established his home with his wife, Mrs. Hannah Tlita, who was saved from the horrors of the war together with her mother, Mrs. Beila Mendel, who with devotion kept her descendants educated even in the dark and gloomy days of the ghettos.

He re-established his life in Bnei Brak

They established their home in the city of Bnei Brak. Here was one of the founders of the Beit Midrash ‘Agudat Reim’, where they set times for the Torah and were a symbol and role model for homeowners who made their Torah permanent and their work arai and were privileged to raise generations of great scholars.
His uncompromising diligence and perseverance in attending Torah lessons at the Agudat Reim seminary were a symbol and role model.

During the Gulf War in the winter of 1951, he was the only one who came to participate in a lesson at the Ahavat Chesed synagogue, telling the teacher of the marvelous genius Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Schulzinger that whoever guarded it on the battlefields between the Russians and the Germans would keep it these days.

Respected D. from his throat, Would pass in front of the ark as a public messenger with great pleasantness and excitement, on Saturdays and good days and many would come to hear his prayers which were said in the emotion and tradition of his ancestors. For many years he was careful to visit the remains of our Western Wall Temple on new heads and in the days of the naughty ones when he was tortured and prayed according to the custom of his ancestors.

All his days he was known for his noble virtues and for the thousands of acts of kindness and charity he performed. For almost a century, he managed the Agudat Reim High School’s Gammah Fund, helping the members of the Gammahd and other thousands to honor their descendants with decent loans and favorable conditions, with all his acquaintances indicating the cleanliness and proper management of the Gammah Fund. He also helped many applicants and consumers as part of his work at the bank.

After retiring, he joined the Kollel Ba’alei Beitim by the Agudat Reim Beit Midrash, founded by Rabbi Simcha Kessler, in which he participated in regular Shiurim, and was the one who worked to expand the circle of Shiurim participants and spoke to Lev. His acquaintances come to enjoy the light of the Torah, as he takes care to respectfully hold the teachers of the lessons whose salaries were given to them from the kollel fund he was one of its principals.

He never cared about a person, did not participate in any quarrels and disputes, walked calmly and wisely with people and did not complain about his difficulties and torments.

His pure faith and the grace of God that he saw in his lifetime, he passed on to future generations when he would sit every Saturday with the yeshiva members who were hosted at his table, and tell them what he went through during his lifetime. And instilled in his grandchildren the love of the Torah.

He especially talked all the time, about adhering to every custom and custom, without moving from the tradition of his ancestors, he himself was excited every time he saw yeshivot and Tishbar children, saying that the real victory over the Nazi oppressor is actually the observance of Torah and yeshivot.

Torah scholars, including the late Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein, would send Jews from various circles to ask for his blessing, as someone who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust and remained in the faith of an artist and love of the Torah.

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A few years ago he underwent difficult surgery and recovered from it and after that he returned to his regular routines, strengthening people younger than him by decades. In recent months he has weakened in his body, but insisted on continuing his prayers and lessons as usual, expressing ‘Without the prayer and lessons why do I live’ ?.

In his last days his consciousness was blurred, but he insisted on performing the prayers and mitzvos as a usher. And the confession of the verses of uniqueness, and the hearing of Israel, and thus his soul came out of the world with his face worn in a way that astonished all who saw.

At his funeral held on Tuesday the rabbinical geniuses eulogized him; His son-in-law, Rabbi Naftali Brock, one of the most important students of the sages and the Magash in Boro Park, Rabbi Yitzchak Shmuel Schwartz, Rabbi of the Hassada Synagogue, Rabbi David Kessler, Rabbi of the Agudat Reim Synagogue, and his young son-in-law, Rabbi Yair Erlanger. The funeral for Beit HaChaim is purple in Petah Tikva, where his grandchildren, Rabbi Raphael Rapaport and Rabbi Dan Freund, paid tribute.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hannah Tlita, who has stood to his right all these years. Rabbi Pinchas and Rabbi Hezekiah Shibla. His daughters and geniuses are the genius rabbis; Grandchildren and great-grandchildren who walk the fourth path continue the legacy of their ancestors to the glory of Israel.


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