Team leader at Probo tests positive for Covid-19


Fri 07 August 2020 10.33 pm

DOKKUM – A team leader from Probo in Dokkum tested positive for the corona virus on Friday. Director Leon van der Meer confirms this to this site. He said that the employee was last on the shop floor on Tuesday and that a contact investigation was started immediately.

Another on-call worker from Dokkum has also tested positive for the corona virus. He last worked on Monday evening and he is one of the positive tests of the ‘party / vv Dokkum’. These were previously known through the media.

Van der Meer says that several measures have been tightened up at Probo to prevent the spread of the virus. For example, the canteen is closed immediately. This was reopened in June with the easing measures. All employees have also been called upon to have themselves tested if they have very mild complaints. In addition, they must stay at home.

Furthermore, 15 employees were sent home who worked in the vicinity of the team leader. A number of them have been tested for corona and the GGD is conducting a further contact investigation. Not all test results are known, but no one else has tested positive so far. Employees who have not been tested are still tested if they do receive complaints.

The company has also furnished 10 different separate rooms with their own entrance. The staff do not meet and separate groups have also been created in the office where everything has been done to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

About 350 people work at Probo in Dokkum.


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