Teaching in Sanz: “Mask – in all yeshiva procedures”


a a A The opening ceremony of the time for the students of the great yeshivot of the Sanz Hasidim was held on Wednesday, Tu B’Av, in the presence of the Rebbe of Sanz, who even spoke.

At the beginning of the class, the son of the Rebbe who holds the position of Rosh Yeshiva declared that it is obligatory for all young men to wear a mask in all yeshiva procedures in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Afterwards, the Rebbe delivered words of encouragement, during which he praised the young men who remained even in these difficult days in the Yeshiva Hall and continued to meditate on the Torah.

Time opening class (Photo: AP)


The Rebbe added that “because there is great importance in starting the time on the day of Tu B’Av, when all of Israel was made in unity, and thus the name and the throne in the heavens above are made whole.”

In conclusion, the Rebbe called on the young men to be very careful and to observe all the rules of the yeshiva, and not to cool down, God forbid, on the advice of the evil instinct.

The Rebbe added and called on the yeshiva students to refrain from desecrating God and to follow the instructions of the authorities, in the fight against the spread of the corona virus.


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