Talk of the Week Interview with former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevi


The leadership’s role in the corona crisis, the Iranian threat and the catastrophe in Lebanon, and what he thinks of the protests that are spreading and allegations of threats against Netanyahu and his family: Ephraim Halevi in ​​an interview with Walla’s new current affairs podcast! NEWS “Talk of the Week”. Listen to the episode

“There is no threat to the prime minister and his family.” Ephraim Halevi (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

Halevy spoke about the internal and external threats facing Israel at the present time, against the background of the explosion in Lebanon and the constant Israeli struggle for the Iranian establishment in the Middle East. All of this coincides with dealing with the greatest health, economic and political crisis in the history of Israel.

“Talk of the Week” is Walla!’S current affairs podcast. NEWS. Each episode will host key figures in Israeli society to discuss the political, legal and social challenges on the agenda.

The “Call of the Week” podcast is available on the Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast podcast apps.


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