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It has been three years since he last wore the yellow shirt of Maccabi Tel Aviv, and after not playing in an official game since July 2018, more than two years due to a serious injury and a complicated professional situation at Sparta Prague, Tal Ben Haim returned to smile yesterday. In the 71st minute, after encouraging his new / old friends from the bench throughout the game, the striker returned to the field and in 19 minutes, proved that he did not forget to play football, was close to the first goal and the Yellows will still enjoy it very much.

Ben Haim is the kind of actor who likes to interview. He is not a politician, does not speak in clichés, says exactly what he thinks, even if it sounds less good. “It was a very exciting moment for me because I have not played football for over two years,” he said after the Champions League win and admitted he was thrilled by the situation: “This show was no less exciting than my first appearance in seniors somewhere in 2007 if not more. I’m glad it ended in a few good minutes “I did not remember Bloomfield that way, but I really hope that the Corona will pass and that we will soon be able to play in front of our audience.”

Other players who would go through what you went through might have thought about retiring
“We do not have enough time in this interview to say how I dealt with it and what I went through, but I want to look ahead and the fact that I am standing here today when a Maccabi Tel Aviv player makes me very happy. Everyone knew, all those close to me, and Maccabi Tel Aviv, that this has always been my ambition, if not to play abroad then return to play only here. I’m glad the club believed in me, after a difficult professional period it’s not a trivial matter. ”

Beyond the financial aspect perhaps in retrospect it was a mistake to embark on an adventure in Prague
“I’m not sorry at all, if I had not gone abroad at that point in time at the age of 28 I probably would not have gone abroad at all. I was good at Maccabi Tel Aviv, I was comfortable, I always claimed it, and I said it throughout. “My career – this is the only place I enjoyed and had a good time all along, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and go fulfill a dream.”

So who is to blame for what happened?
“Sparta was a bad deal for me and I was a bad deal for them, it’s part of life and it happens in football. I have self-criticism, I know how to take responsibility, I do not run away from it being a failure, but I really do not regret it.”

Some friends who were with you here are no longer there, one of them is Micah’s generation
“Everyone knows that Dor is like my brother and even my blood, I really wanted him to be here, in the end I am a screw in an organization called Maccabi Tel Aviv, there are decision makers, this is the decision they made and we like everyone else will have to respect it. “From here, I wish him and Noble Omar good luck wherever they go in football and personal life, and I’m sure they came out of that period strengthened.”

Otto Europe, how do you make sure there is no puncture like last season?
“In order to advance to the European home stage, we need to be a good, disciplined and fit team and everything will connect. We have set a goal to win the Champions League and we do not deny that our goal is to qualify for the European home stage. We will go all out for the Champions League qualifiers. “For the Europa League qualifiers because we want a European home stage, we will do everything for it and I hope we will succeed.”

Yorgos Donis knows you when he was still coaching at Apoel Nicosia and met Maccabi Tel Aviv in the home stage of the Europa League in 2013/14. What did you understand from him in the few training sessions he had with you?
“We did a meeting and a half and what we saw from him is that he is a coach who loves football, it is good for us as a team, it is good for the Maccabi audience and this organization. You see that he is an excellent coach and I am sure he will make us a better team.”


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